Friday, 19 March 2010

K-popped! goes to Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2”

OK, latest update guys. We're going for Super Junior's Super Show 2 concert!!

We can't quite believe it ourselves. Thanks to Galaxie, a local entertainment glossy, Orchid and Liz will be covering the SuJu concert tomorrow. Stay tuned to read our take on the concert...and some extras as well ;-).

The concert is SOLD OUT so we're expecting the Putra Stadium to be abuzz with energy.

ELFs, are you ready?

Pic credit: Marctensia

K-popped!'s SuJu exclusives:
Super Junior on the Red Carpet (2008 MTV Awards Asia)
Super Junior’s press conference at the 2008 MTV Asia Awards


Wawa said...

yay... happy for you guys! waiting for concert review or maybe a live coverage tru twitter??? LOL~~~

|| Lyññ || said...

WHAT??? ALL SOLD OUT!! SERIOUS? omg!! that's like more than 6k ppl in the stadium then! in the rock pitt got 5k ppl... good good!! shows tat ppl are willing to pay for a good show~~ see u guys there^^

Falisa said...

great to hear that!! it's gonna be a great nite! hope to see you guys there and the others as well...

Anonymous said...

any idea where the boys are staying?? and eating??? ^^

♥corcraze♥ said...

omg!omg!omg!im sooo envy with u gurls!!!
wonder when is SuJu will arrive in m'sia,are they here already by today?or they have been here for few days already??
and agreed with Nanie's questions too!

enjoy u guys!!

zalilah said...

happy for u guys~see u tomorrow...
me at L6

AozoraXoxO said...

omg ru serious?? how can last minute become sold out?? lol thats amazing, i'm happy for the boys.

WAAAAAAAA u guys are sooooo lucky!!! so ur gonna write about it in galaxy later??? omgggggggg *shockeddd* XD


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