Friday, 12 March 2010

SNSD’s Black Soshi concept revealed

It looks like Girls' Generation (Sonyeoshidae or SNSD for short) are growing up.

The 9-member girl group will release a repackaged 2nd album with a darker, more mature image called Black Soshi.

Black Soshi #1: Seohyun shows off her svelte figure

Pictures of selected members have been released into the Kpop world to set it abuzz about the new concept / repackaged album’s release.

The SNSD girls made a comeback recently with a bubble gum hit Oh!. In the video, they portrayed themselves as bubbly cheerleaders. Now, they are set to shed the giggly teen chick image and exchange it for…Black Soshi.

A picture of Yuri was first released on March 11 followed by Taeyeon and Seohyun’s pictures on March 12.

Black Soshi #2: Taeyeon gives the dreamy-eyed look

Black Soshi #3: Yuri thinks deeply about her more mature image

Pictures of the other members will be unveiled as a lead up to the release of the SNSD repackaged 2nd album on March 16, at 10am (South Korea time, 9am Malaysia).

The public were actually given a peek at the Black Soshi concept when the Oh! MV was released. It is shown towards the end of the MV when the girls come face-to-face with their Black Soshi selves.

Check the MV below:

OK, confession time. I can’t tell the girls apart…except for Yoona and Hyo-yeon. The former because of her drama You’re My Destiny and the latter because she reminds me of Song Hye-kyo. Hyo-yeon is a really good dancer…and went to a great plastic surgeon, no?

The other girls are just a mass of legs, great hair and perfect skin. Did I label the pictures correctly? I’m guessing.

Source: Newsen


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♥ me ♥ said...

picture label slightly incorrect.

Black Soshi #1 - Seohyun
Black Soshi #2 - Taeyeon
Black Soshi #3 - Yuri


Liz said...

Ha ha ha thanks me...see, I really can't tell them apart.

Will make the changes now.

♥ me ♥ said...

sometimes it's hard to differentiate them esp seohyun, yuri & yoona. plus wearing same color of cloth much more confusing~

Ng Seng Aun said...

this is awesome! lol my fave would be Taeyeon's, followed by Yuri, and seobaby :D

anyway, I just opened an SNSD fanpage on facebook. feel free to add us up!

Anonymous said...

They briefly hinted at this in their "Chocolate Love" cf for the LG Cyon phone.
They are becoming mature women, and so it is a good time to leave the Bubble Gum to the kids...


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