Saturday, 27 March 2010

U-KISS fan meeting in Malaysia in June 2010?

So there’s still no confirmation about SHINee’s fan meeting in May. I think we can happily put that under the Rumour File and forget about it because apparently, U-KISS is coming to town.

The 7-member South Korean boyband is expected to hold a private fan meeting in Malaysia in June.

In Malaysia?: U-KISS to give Malaysian fans a smooch?

Geneses Dream Entertainment, the event management company that is bringing the Bingeul Bingeul boys in, made the announcement recently. Details of the event are after the jump:

Date: 19th June, 2010
Time: 2pm – 5:30pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Plenary Hall
What will happen?: Fan meeting, performances, interaction with fans & autograph session

VIP Seat Packages (at RM350 per pop) will be opened for sale on March 28 (tomorrow) at 10am. You need to send in an e-mail or some such to secure a VIP package. Other seat packages include Ace (RM180), Knight (RM150) and Vampire (RM120).

Geneses Dream Entertainment looks kind of legit but how come there’s no booth or counter to get the seat packages? Why do it through e-mail? Also, I read the company's "About Us" page and am I the only one who thinks they sound like C.I. Entertainment?

For details, check out the Geneses Dream Entertainment website or their Facebook page.

Source: SHINee World Malaysia


|| Lyññ || said...

Nah, u're not alone... I think they sound like CI Ent as well... nvr heard of them before and isn't it really ambitious to have such a large fan meeting here? No offense but the Plenary Theatre is a grand place and BIG! Just like the Poprainbow music festival thing as well... they failed at the Paran +U-KISS concert here... now they're inviting soooo many famous artists?

Wish them all the best though..
IF these events do take off, hope K-popped will b thr to give us great reviews again^^

I can't go anymore... super broke after SuJu's con... plus I'm going to Korea this July n have to pay for my own expenses!! *gasp* still in planning though~~

Geneses Dream said...

Hi K-popped, we saw your coverage on our fan meeting news, thank you for your concern. We would like to clarify that we are definitely not C.I. Entertainment.
Thank you.

KKVL said...

i too checked out the geneses' site and i am very interested in attending the showcase..however i noticed that the ticket pre orders start very soon..10 minutes time for vip and 2 hrs later for other packages..

however, i am malaysian, but i am in the UK attending uni...i won't be back in malaysia till june 10th..i have to say that my schedule and dates are not very confirmed and are very prone to changes therefore i cannot confirm right now. This is what's deterring me from booking for vip package.Furthermore, incase i really cannot make it, i cannot get a refund. I was wondering if tickets will still be available sometime closer to the event that time my dates and schedule would be more confirmed and i also can give more solid confirmation on attendance.

cloudie said...

Is there an official statement on NH Media's or U-Kiss' website about this fan meeting?

illa said...

wow!i was wishing and wishing they would come and finally they will!but i can't go...i think.i'll try my best to save my money!if i don't make it there,someday i will see them again!!!!!!!!!

atiq said...

i wish i could go...i wanna see eli && kevin oppa damn much...
i'm agree with illa...if i can't meet them soon...there will still chance next time...
u-kiss jjang...!


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