Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Malaysians get an opportunity to date Kim Bum

Come, let's go: Kim Bum invites you on a
4D / 3N date with him. Whoo hoo!

  • You’re a girl
  • You’re over 20 with an Asian citizenship (not ethnic Korean. You orang Malaysia? Yes, boleh.)
  • You can travel abroad without Mama & Papa’s consent
  • You can communicate in English
  • You love South Korea…and Kim Bum!
  • You have a passport and can travel overseas (not wanted by Interpol and such)
If you’ve fulfilled all the criteria above, you may just be lucky enough to cozy up to Kim Bum of Boys Over Flowers during a 4D / 3N holiday in Seoul and Jeju Island.

Yes, in conjunction with KBS World’s 7th anniversary, the network is looking for FIVE lucky fans from Asia (except South Korea) to appear in a special program with the 21-year-old actor.

Astro Malaysia, along with SingTel (Singapore) and Sky Cable (the Philippines), will be choosing the winners. Fans from other Asian countries can also participate through the KBS World website.

Malaysians, you can enter the contest through MY FM’s website or Astro’s website.

Your date with Kim Bum will be from April 18 to 23. Hit any of the links above for more details.

Source: KBS World

Kim Bum turns into a Tough Guy in Dream

Kim Bum's first movie lead in Emergency

Kim Bum drops movie 71
Kim Bum at The 5th World Ceramic Biannale 2009 Korea


|| Lyññ || said...

WOOO!! I'm so gonna enter... have to take nice pics of myself tmr...hahahahah... anyone else trying??

Orchid said...

Woi tak haram ke? 3D/2N holiday with Kim Bum without supervision? ;-)

Nur Suriati Mohamad said...

i dun understand chinese. what do we have to do????

|| Lyññ || said...

Nur Suriati, go to KBS website (http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/notice_event/notice_event_view.html?no=63) and fill up the application form (http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/img/data_notice/World%20Date%20with%20Kim%20Beom_Application_web.doc)

Haram?? haha... no la... I'm actually going to Korea in July with my cousin =) bought airtix last night!! woohoo~~ hou hoi sam!!

Wawa said...

looking at the dates, i have to say BYE BYE edi coz i just started my new job last week which obviously i can't take any leave... sob! sob!

Anonymous said...

ermm so said i can't join it coz don't have passport..and talents as required :(

Empress said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Empress said...

Basic points ... checked
Preferential points ... checked

Dates .... argh!!! Just has to be the 18th issit?

Last day of my show.
Anyway, do come and watch my show if you guys are not sitting at home wating for the results of the pick.

It's called Mamak Mee Ah!

ZURYN said...

ala.. i am qulified but sadly during the date day i got final exams..waa!!

Olivia Yumi said...

I would go a group date with Kim Bun in a second if I had the opportunity to!

Liz said...

So who's actually trying this out? Huh? huh? Huh?

Sarah said...

@Liz: I want to join but the MY FM site only has the details in Chinese. :( I know there is the KBS World site to refer to, but aren't Malaysians supposed to apply to the local site only?

Liz said...

Hey Sarah, I think you should go ahead and apply through the KBS site. Yeah i noticed that the Astro site links to the MY FM site which is in Chinese.

Go for the KBS site, girlfriend! Don't let the Mandarin characters prevent you from getting that date with Kim Bum :)

|| Lyññ || said...

Liz: MEMEMEME!! haha... took 2 out of the 3 required pics adey...

yea. just submit through KBS world... that's what I'm doing... just add a remark though like u cudn't apply through myfm as u can't read chinese... but if u were wondering, through myfm, have to answer 3 questions (what is kbs's channel on astro? why u like him? and the last one I can't remember)..
I can't read chinese either =)

Dateline: 12th April!!

|| Lyññ || said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

@Liz & Lynn: Okay, thanks. :) I'll apply through KBS World directly IF I really decide to join, heh. I still feel unsure about this. ;A;

Good luck, everyone~ :)

Liz said...

Hey Lynn, all the best. Really hope you'll get it.

Sarah, all the best too if you decide to take part in the contest :-)

|| Lyññ || said...

@Liz: thanks =)
oh wanna ask u guys something, is Myeong-dong a good place to stay at? My cousin n I are looking for a place to stay in Korea for abt a week... We found this hotel called Ibis Myeong-dong (not to b confused with Ibis Ambassador located in Gangnam)... I know u guys stayed at Doulos the last time but my cousin finds it a bit out of the way...

Liz said...

@Lynn: Myeong-dong? I don't know about staying there but when we visited the place it was really, really busy and crowded. The good thing about staying there is that it is a shopping heaven. So many stores, so little time.

Doulos out of the way? Not quite as the subway station is just about a five minute walk away. We went mostly everywhere by subway so it suited us fine.

I am no expert on Seoul (only went there once) so it is better to heed the advice of those who are more familiar with the city :-)

|| Lyññ || said...

@Liz: alrighty~ Thanks =) haha... that's one reason why we plan to stay there... the hotel is actually opposite the road from Lotte Hotel... hehe... just worried abt the area only...

Yea, asking my fren and she said anywhr is ok as long as we are near the metro... thankiews~

Wawa said...

LYNN, good luck!!!!!!!hopefully someone from k-popped's regular reader like u, gonna be chosen...hehehe!

and good luck to those who is applying for it too...

this days, KBS World keeps play the advertisement of this event and i feel so sad coz i couldn't join!hahaha~~~~


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