Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sogaeting @ The Street Café on April 24

Psst, have you heard? The Street Café and K-popped! are organizing a little get together where boys meet girls…and they have some fun. Will you get your mind out of the gutter?

Sogaeting @ The Street Café is happening this Saturday and guests who have booked a place for the by-invite only event will get to meet and mingle with new friends with similar interests. Oh, and they will be taking home a goodie bag from Korea Tourism Organization and Galaxie magazine.

Sogaeting (소개팅), which basically means blind date, is a very common past time among Koreans. I’m sure you’ve seen K-dramas where the characters meet their dates for drinks at hotels, cafes and such, no?

Well, to make it less intimidating for Malaysians (we are quite shy, mah), we’re adapting it to our culture. Through the sheer effort of Orchid – and some help from The Street Café’s owner Andrew Kim – 6 boys and 6 girls will be attending our inaugural Sogaeting @ The Street Café.

They are:


  • Syud Zack
  • Samantha Tew
  • Cindy Xin
  • Liming
  • Syd Mokhtar
  • Nina Kim
  • Kim Irsyad &
  • 5 Korean guys whom I do not know the names of…yet (don’t worry, allow me to get them for ya ;-))
Drinks for the event will be sponsored by The Street Café and if this inaugural event turns out to be a hit, we’ll have more of them, OK? Isn’t it an interesting way to bridge the gap between Malaysians and South Koreans who are in Malaysia?

Wish us luck!

For more information on Sogaeting @ The Street Café, join our FB page:

Sogaeting @ The Street Cafe (24 April 2010)

Sogaeting Malaysia
Halal Korean food at The Street Cafe


FA said...

omg, this is so interesting <3
hope it will be a blast !
good luck !

angelamhiere said...

That's great!!!

I wish I'm in Malaysia! ^__^

KuSyad said...

awesome! 6 girls!

and 5 korean guys!

Cyfull de'CK said...

Woooaaa...can we join? can we? can we? please? please? please? any korean girls? ^_^ ♥

Come-been said...

well good luck!! please tell us the outcome ok!! =)

Liz said...

@FA: Thanks for the wishes!

@angelamhiere: Where are you from?

@KuSyad: Don't forget that one Malaysian guy :-)

@Cyfull: Are you in Malaysia, Cyfull? The places are all booked for this session. If things go well, we might have another one. Sign up for that one, OK? We will make announcements on our FB page, Twitter as well as our site.

@Come-been: OK sure thing. Will do a 'lil write up on the event so you know what went on :-P

Orchid said...

Orchid is planning to have a theme each time we meet for Sogaeting...the 1st round: Korean guys (b'cos Andrew Kim got us five of 'em)! Plus we have 1 Msian guy with us (thx4 being such a good sport Kim Irsyad 킴 일샫). Of course, thanks to all the lovely ladies who wrote in. See you all tomorrow! For those who did not make it this time, read abt it on K-popped! & wait for the next session ok?


Join the Sogaeting20s fan page:

Friend me on FB & write to me with your details:

Cyfull de'CK said...

Hye Liz ^_^ yeah, i'm in Malaysia. owh, i problem, i dun mind waiting for the next session. thanx for the info Liz! keep up the good work ya'll!

Anonymous said...

So guys, how did this go???

Liz said...

Hello Vic, the event went well. Will write about it soon :-). Stay tuned.


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