Monday, 26 April 2010

Yoona and fans to go to Jejudo courtesy of Innisfree

Yoona, who is the face of Innisfree, is set to go on a special vakay with her fans!

To commemorate the beauty brand’s The Green Tea Seed Serum, fans of the SNSD member will get a chance to go to Jeju-do with her.

Come away with me: Who wants to go to
Jeju with Yoona?

The contest is only open to those living in South Korea. For fans who want to spend some quality time with Yoona, they’ll have to purchase The Green Tea Seed Serum from Innisfree stores nationwide. Application forms for the contest is at the My Green Tea Tour homepage at The contest ends May 5.

Lucky few: Are you lucky enough to go on a
vakay with Yoona?

Some of the events for the My Green Tea Tour is a tour of an organic green tea plantation in Jeju, a special fan meet with Yoona and an Innisfree beauty class.

Any fully-paid vacation sounds good to me. Lucky South Koreans :-P.

Check out Yoona's The Green Tea Seed Serum below:

Source: Newsen

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rEbEcca said...

oh~ i like innisfree product!


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