Saturday, 22 May 2010

6D/4N Hallyu Korean Wave tour package

Fancy a tour package to South Korea that includes entry into KBS’ Music Bank show? It’s now available to Malaysians, thanks to Korea Tourism Organization and Apple Holiday.

The package also offers a visit to the Compact Smart City, Everland and Star Avenue, among other places of interest.

Visit to Music Bank: Catch your fave idol groups live
while on holiday. Pic credit:

Of course, the burning question is, how much does the 6D/4N package costs?

The good news is, if your departure is on Jul 7, it costs as low as RM1,999! The bad news is, all packages under this category have been snapped up.

What's currently available are packages that start from RM2,199.

IMHO, it’s still a pretty good deal. For the tour’s full itinerary and details, go to: and look for the Hallyu Korean Wave package.

Have fun!


daniemei16 said...

is it only for malaysians?

|| Lynn || said...

I wanna go for MuBank!! me n my cousin wanted to go but then waste time to queue... I wouldn't wanna spend 5 hours queueing to masuk... How I wish got ticketing system for tourists... hahaha...

Liz said...

Hi daniemei16,

I am sure that it is for Malaysians. But then again, appleholiday is a travel agency and i don't think there is a problem if non-malaysians joined a Malaysian-lead tour group, right?

Best to call appleholiday and ask. You can get the telephone number from their website :-)


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