Sunday, 2 May 2010

Choi Si-won is a gentleman

Staff at Elle who worked with Super Junior hunk Choi Si-won called him “a man with manners” because of his fantastic attitude.

Speak no evil: Choi Si-won is known for being a gentleman

The 23 year old, who toplines the drama Oh My Lady, did a photoshoot with Elle webzine recently. During the shoot, Choi relaxed by listening to his ipod but was very professional throughout the session.

He asked the staff about the theme of the photoshoot and answered all interview questions sincerely. The young man credited SuJu for where he is today. “Actor Choi Si-won is here because of Super Junior. I can’t give both Super Junior and acting up.”

Hear no evil: 'I love both acting and singing in a super boyband.
Stop asking me to choose already!'

Choi also revealed his plans after his drama ends.

He said: “I want to travel with my family when the drama is done. As I get older, I feel that the best thing I can do is to make my parents happy.”

For the photoshoot, Choi showed both his charismatic and boyish looks. He sure looks good in the pics ;-).

Cutie pie: 'Yup, I can act all a lilttle
brother you've never had.'

Hunky: 'And I can look all a gentleman
you wished you had.'

Source: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm

Pictures of SNSD & Choi Siwon on the Oh! My Lady set

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Choi Siwon of SuJu at church for Easter



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