Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hwayobi shows off bikini body for Star Hwabo

It’s still spring but singer Hwayobi already has a gorgeous bikini body. The South Korean singer showed off her dangerous curves for a Star Hwabo photoshoot.

Smokin': Hwayobi can't wait to hit the beach

The 28 year old traveled to Marinduque Island in the Philippines and pranced around the beach and resort in barely-there bikinis for the photoshoot.

The last time I saw her was in We Got Married, when she pretended to be Hwanhee’s wife. The girl has lost a whole lot of weight and looks like an entirely different person. Wow.

Temperature: 'Oooh, it's hot...and I'm talking about the weather.'

Sexy: 'I can be naughty too.'

Good old days: 'The time when I
"got married" to Hwanhee'

Hwayobi is set to return to the Kpop music scene with a new album soon.

Source: Newsen

Hwanhee surprises Hwayobi on Valentine’s Day


Orchid said...

How did she do it?

Anonymous said...

Park Hyobi!! ("Countin' Your Kisses") She had some sort of problem with her throat. I'm glad she's still entertaining! Those pix I WANNA see!!!

Empress said...

Orchid, I want to know how she did it too.

I want!


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