Thursday, 13 May 2010

Korean Wave Contest kicks off at 2pm on May 15

Finally, after about a month of preparations, the 11 Korean Wave Contest (KWC) finalists are all set to take the stage again this Saturday to show us what they've got.

Breakers: Made up of teenagers Lufti (crouching) & Jacky

I recently received the finalists’ profile, along with each act’s repertoire. Save for Breakers, who is sticking to the same song they performed at the audition (maybe the duo has a fresh routine?), the rest of the finalists have spiced up their performances.

I see Lee Hyori’s recent comeback track Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Kara’s Lupin, T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep and SNSD’s Oh on Cherry Boom’s list. Ruffneck’z has Big Bang’s Gara Gara Go as part of their act while 10 Minute Crew is ready with DBSK’s Mirotic, SS501’s DejaVu and Rain’s I’m Coming. Whoot!

Cherry Boom: The sextet have a passion for Kpop

Ruffneck'z: Apparently, the group's name means "always stay
strong and never give up."

Meanwhile, the only solo vocalist Memoirs (Carolyn) will be belting out F.T. Island’s Bad Woman and Big Bang’s Lies. Wow, I can’t wait for that. Trio J.A.C. will be singing Park Bom’s You & I and T-ara’s I’m Really Hurt…just to name a few.

J.A.C.: The trio are huge fans of Kpop

Professional dancer Nikki Cheang is set to get jiggy with Tae Yang’s Wedding Dress, while DA-Infinity will be bopping to 2NE1’s Fire! *throws hand in the air* Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh 2-N-E1!

DA-Infinity: A sub-group of a larger dance group
called Dawn's Arch

Epsilon, a representative of SHINee World Malaysia fanclub, will be moving and grooving to their idols’ Noona’s Very Pretty and Ring Ding Dong.

Local Kpop fans favorite Progression is going to Shock (BEAST) and make your Heartbeat (2PM).

Leon, who made the cut as a solo dancer has expanded his act to include fellow dancer Lancerie. The new duo is called Chrome L. The boys, who are representing MyHottest (2PM fanclub), will be dancing to a mix of Taeyang’s tracks.

Chrome L: Leon (left) & Lancerie are big Taeyang fans

Come support these budding talents that have been influenced by the Hallyu (Korean Wave). Watch them live in concert for FREE. Who knows, if one of them makes the big time, you ain’t gonna be watchin’ ‘em for free no more.

On top of that, it's gonna be one heck of an afternoon of great Kpop music.

Venue: KL Live, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Date: May 15 (Saturday)
Admission: FREE (ya-lar, not bluffing you one)

See you there!

K-popped! is the Official Online Media for Malaysia's inaugural Korean Wave Contest, which is organized by Korea Tourism Organization. Winners of KWC 2010 will win tour packages to South Korea, and the opportunity to get noticed.

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Cyfull de'CK said...

Wanna go but can't even walk coz of the sprained ankle T_T

Liz said...

Get well soon, Cyfull. Maybe u can attend next year's event, if they organize another one :-)

Liz said...

Orchid and I will be tweeting live from the event. If you can't go, follow us @0rch1d or @LizKpopped on Twitter.

All KWC tweets will be under #kwcmsia. Enjoy the coverage. :-)

Orchid said...

Get well soon Cyfull


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