Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Seo Woo gives Cannes Film Festival a miss

Seo Woo, the actress who is absolutely adorable in the first few episodes of Cinderella’s Sister, is giving the Cannes Film Festival a miss because of her busy schedule.

Not going: 'Thanks Cannes, but maybe next time.'

The 25 year old’s commitment to the KBS drama doesn’t allow her the luxury to attend the film fest where her new movie The Housemaid (pic below) is selected to compete. In the movie, Seo Woo appears opposite "Queen of Cannes" Jeon Do-yeon. The festival is from May 12 – 23.

Hygiene: 'Dang girl, you've got lice again. Will you stop
wearing other people's hats?'

A representative of the rising star said:

“(Seo Woo) wanted to appear at the Cannes Film Festival very much but we worry that it would affect the filming of the currently-airing Cinderella’s Sister, so we decided not to attend the festival.”

I guess it just shows how "in demand" Seo Woo is. What a good problem to have ;-).

Source: Newsen

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AozoraXoxO said...

ew ru kidding me? i hate this chick, for the 1st eps of cinderella unni i was like shut up man! stop frickin crying. so annoying..


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