Friday, 18 June 2010

BEAST Showcase & Autograph session in Malaysia (26 & 27 June 2010)

Korean boyband BEAST a.k.a. B2st will be in Malaysia later this month. Here's how to get admission (tickets) to the BEAST SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA Exclusive Showcase on the 26th June 2010!

BEAST "SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA" Exclusive Showcase in Malaysia

Date: 26 June 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: KL Live, Kuala Lumpur

*Admission pass is needed for entry

**Notice: Video cameras and professional cameras (DSLR) are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED at the showcase.
Your co-operation is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Here's how to get your admission pass!


Pre-order the repackaged version of BEAST's 'SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA' album and you will get 1 (ONE) admission pass to BEAST's showcase in KL!


From 14th June 2010, Monday, if you are Maxis user, here’s the chance to win BEAST” SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA” EXCLUSIVE SHOWCASE IN MALAYSIA admission pass by download BEAST’s Caller Ring Tone!

Below are the methods to win the admission pass:

a. Download one of the BEAST’s songs, stated below:

Bad Girl - Dial *131*161675# (RM3/song)

Shock - Dial *131*161678# (RM3/song)

Mystery - Dial *131*161682#(RM3/song)

b. Complete this sentence: “I am a true BEAST fan because…” key in "QUIZ BEAST NAME COMMENT" to 29000. RM0.50/sms. Unlimited participation, the most creative comment will get the chance to win.

c. Expiry Date:21/6/2010

d. For more information, please go to this website:

e. Only for Maxis or Hotlink user.


From 15th June 2010 onwards, if you are Digi user, you may go to any of the Rock Corner video outlets to purchase a Caller Tune Package, you can get BEAST” SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA” EXCLUSIVE SHOWCASE IN MALAYSIA admission pass!

The methods to get admission pass:

a. Go to any of the Rock Corner video outlets, purchase a Caller Tune Package (cost RM60),you can enjoy Caller Tune’s preferential for one year, you also can get 1 BEAST” SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA” EXCLUSIVE SHOWCASE IN MALAYSIA admission pass!

*** Those who wear the BEAST t-shirt from the repackaged album pack to the venue on the day of the showcase will be given priority admittance.

Hurry! Get your admission pass now. Have you got yours?

BEAST "SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA" Autograph Session

For those of you who didn't get an admission pass, or can't get enough of BEAST, you may go to the Autograph & Fansigning session on the 27th June!

For those who would like to get their albums personally autographed by all 6 BEAST members themselves, remember to clear your schedule and mark the following date on your calendar: -

BEAST "SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA" Autograph Session

Date: 27 June 2010
Time: 5.00pm
Venue: FCUK Entrance (New Wing), 1Utama, Petaling Jaya

The autograph session is open to anyone with the silver tag of hologram on the cover of BEAST "SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA" album.

Pre-order the repackaged album now and get one BEAST t-shirt and one admission pass to BEAST's showcase in Malaysia!!

*BEAST will only be signing ONE CD per person.

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Ayumi said...

Wow, as the event organizers mentioned last yr, this year, so many big Korean boy bands (& even Wonder Gals) seem to be coming to Malaysia!!

Do you know 'U Kiss' is here in KL
tomorrow, they'll have a fan meeting and performances in KL?!

Title: U-Kiss! Me
Date: 19th June 2010
Time: 2pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Plenary Hall
Event Content: Fan Meeting, Performances, Interaction Session with Fans, Album Signing

This is a twitter message from Alex of U Kiss

@VictoriaEusebio Wow... never knew ur apartment is so nice... bye nuna~♥ leaving for Malaysia now~ ^^ 4:35 AM Jun 17th

Ahhh, I already made an appointment with gal pals to see 'Sex & the City 2' tomorrow *sigh*

This time, am not gonna do Korean hunks chasing around their hotel, haha:)

fikah © said...

too bad that i'm not going for any.
the date is only one week away from my enrollment to uni,and i'm yet to prepare anything.
oh b2st~~~

Nael said...

I don't get it. at the quiz beast name comment. What do we do actually? I tried it and they said it's a wrong keyword. I tried going to musicunlimited but I couldn't find this contest.

amy.wu said...

May I ask how to pre-order their albums please? Thank you <3

Orchid said...

@Nael try something like this:

QUIZ BEAST Orchid I love Beast!

Orchid said...

QUIZ BEAST name comment

Orchid said...

Thanks Ayumi for information on U-kiss!

♥corcraze♥ said...

i will definitely going if i have buddies to go with!huhuh..

InaKay said...

Aaa... I wanna go!!
If only I have friends to go with.

ayumi said...

i've asked already at speedy...they said that at the fan-signing at OU is that we can have all 6 autographs..not one...then how come you said that we are allowed to only hv 1 autograph??

Ayumi said...

Yo, there's another 'Ayumi' ^^..

Wah, we can have autographs from all 6 members?

thanks~ Wonder anyone met U Kiss the other day??

Here's an article about Beast's FT in the Philippines (during their Asia FM Tour of Philippines-Singapore-Malaysia-Japan)!

Am thinking bout buying their album...

Over 5000 people were said to have turned up;
and they had a 2-hr fan signing event!!

Ayumi said...

A couple of videos I got a hold of from 'youtube':

BEAST Fansigning, 'Meet and Greet' [Philippines]

BEAST / B2ST - Shock + Interview @ Diz Iz It (Philippines) [June 17,2010]

mianahoz said...

may i ask something??
if there are many people in the autograph session, could them sign all of the fan's album because i think it's maybe limited.........
so who come first,maybe get the change to get it........

*corcraze & inakay*
i also wanna go but i don't have transport to come back...its too late to took the rapid kl and i'm alone...

a i n a n u r j i h a n said...

How to Pre-order the repackaged album? I really want it >.<

uptowndragon said...

Win passes to B2ST's Showcase at Rentak Sejuta. 10 passes are up for grabs:

FA said...

can someone tell me how to preorder the album ? or is it already too late to get the ticket ?

Sarah said...

FA: Go to any Speedy outlet to enquire about the album or maybe you could also try asking on Universal Music Malaysia's Facebook page. :)

Heidi said...

I'm giving away free passes to Beast's Showcase! No strings attached. Courtesy of advertlets. ;) Beast fans can check my blog for details. :D

Ayumi said...

I think Beast's new albums are already OUT at various music stores in KL.

In my experience, if you wanna have your album signed, it's better to hit the venue as early as possible.

Although the signing session was said to be bout 2 hrs in the Philippines, I think they couldn't sign all 5000 people (!) who turned up there.

Go there with Beast's fan club members or with some other pals (rather than alone), if possible, if you want your albums signed!^^

Off the topic, I read about U Kiss's FM in KL:

They look so cute and hot (a bit like comic book characters, haha).

One of the members is SS501 Hyungjoon's bro.

Currently, 'Beast' is a bit more popular than 'U Kiss' in Korea, though.

Orchid said...

Which one is SS501 Hyung Joon's brother?

Ayumi said...

Kim Ki-bum

They look almost like twins (to me). ^^


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