Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Park Yong Ha dead at 32

Famous actor Park Yong Ha (pic left) was found dead at 5:30am on June 30. His mother discovered his body at his home in Non Hyundong, Seoul.

It is believed that the Winter Sonata actor committed suicide as a cell phone charger was found tied around his neck.

A friend of the actor's said that Park had been depressed because his father is suffering from end-stage stomach cancer.

Park, who would have turned 33 on August 12, was famous for his role as Kim Sang-Hyuk in the amazingly popular drama Winter Sonata (2002), which starred Bae Young Joon and Choi Ji Woo. He also appeared alongside former S.E.S member, Eugene in the drama Loving You (2002).

In 2008, Park made headlines again for his role in the SBS drama, On Air. He appeared opposite Kim Ha-neul, Lee Bum-soo and Song Yoon-ah in the drama.

Park is also supposed to star opposite Yoon Eun-hye in an upcoming drama Love Song. The project was scheduled for later this year. On top of that, he was a successful singer and had released several albums in Japan.

What a talent. Park's demise is a great loss to the Hallyuwood industry.

K-popped! sends our condolences to Park's family members, friends and fans.

Sources: Newsen & Soompi

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adeacaphyong said...

RIP yong-ha sshi... pray for miracle.. for his dad..

yunniesammie said...

ITS really really sad to know, and its a stupid thing to do too to take ur life away, aish, wae Young hwa wae?
i wish he;s better off whever he is now. RIP.

|| Lynn || said...

why why why? I was really looking forward to watch the drama that he will b starring in with Yoon Eun-Hye =( *sobs*

Gonna miss his smile... may he rest in peace and hope his dad will get better~~

andrea said...
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andrea said...

Park Yong Ha: may your soul be free and rest in peace..

Wawa said...

this was a shocked news for me since i knew him back then in Winter Sonata...the last time i watched him when Men's Story was aired on KBS World early this year...

totally a big lost for Hallyuwood... may he rest in peace :((

Ayumi said...

Yesterday, I couldn't believe my eyes to read about his demise...

Some of the possible causes that might have driven him to take his own life:

1. His father's terminal cancer

2. He got betrayed by his
(ex-)manager & best friend recently,
who had been surreptitiously stealing company funds for personal use.

3. A lot of burden that he had to take over his shoulders to run the company

Life must have been 'too hard' to bear for Park Yong-ha...
He could have taken a year off or maybe retire or something; any such measure would have been better than killing himself!

His father, mother and sister are said to be all hospitalized from the shock...

In the middle of Japan tour,
he suddenly came back to Seoul, took part in his friend's father's funeral and
the next day, he took his own life.

BTW, he was HUUUUGE in Japan...especially as a singer.
In every concert or FMs,
over 20,000 fans used to show up.
He was also gonna play the lead role in 'Love Song', an upcoming Korean drama adaptation of the Chinese movie, 'Comrades: Almost a Love Story (甜蜜蜜)' with 'Yoon Eun Hye'.

Hope this incident will not cause some possible 'copy cat suicides'.

Suicide shouldn't be beautified.

Life has ups & downs (like dramas or films) and we should think of difficult moments of our lives as a sort of lesson to learn from.

He was an incredible actor (Winter Sonata; On Air; Men's Story; Scam, etc.) and
I'm gonna miss his smile dearly...

Hope he'll rest in peace in heaven.
Deepest condolences from me...

Pics of "Park Yong-ha"

Korean stars,
visiting St. Mary's hospital, where his body is resting

Ayumi said...

So Ji-sup (one of PYH's best pals)

Yujin (PYH's former girlfriend)

Choi Ji-woo

Lee Philip

Wonbin, Oh Jiho, Park Si-yun, etc.

Anonymous said...

Ayumi, excellent posts. Thank you.

Ayumi said...

U r welcome, Vic~

Since Park Yong-ha was more popular in Japan than in Korea, Jap major TV stations and Internet media are said to have reported LIVE about PYH's death all day yesterday;
and many Japanese fans flew to Seoul as soon as they heard the news!

Some said that yesterday was like a 'funeral day' for them, cuz Japan lost to Paraguay in World Cup and Yon-jjang passed away.

It's kinda hard to focus on work; his best pal, So Ji-sup's tears are totally heart-breaking...

Anonymous said...

Lots of people close to him were really shocked, because even though he has reasons to be depressed, he apparently never showed it. Kim Jaejoong (TVXQ) spoke to him on the phone on the 29th and he seemed fine. Its sad to be one of the last people to speak to your friend like that.

Hopefully his family, friends and fans stay strong and remember the wonderful times they had with him

R.I.P Park Yongha

yunniesammie said...

i still cant get over with his death, he's really a great actor, the world of actor without him will definitely miss alot!

Dinar si bune-ole said...

I fell in love with him since watching him in 'On Air' just a few months ago. I am waiting for his new drama. And he gives me his real drama of his life. Love u and miss u, Park Yong Ha.

Ayumi said...

Dinar, yeah,
he received the 'Grand Acting' award with the drama, 'On Air'.

Who knew he would die tragically like he died in 'The Story of a Man'?!

So ji-sup (recently been busy with shooting his new drama, 'Road No.1') dropped everything and
has been taking care of PYH's funeral for 3 days,
instead of his parents who couldn't participate in the cremation & funeral, due to their health problems.

I wish to have a true friend like So Ji-sup.
(I know how hard it is for a man to show tears to others)

Owing to PYH's caring personality, so many of his friends came to his funeral;
about 200 Japanese fans immediately flew to Seoul to take part in his funeral, too.

RIP (Rest In Peace), Park Yong-ha

More photos:

Ayumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayumi said...

I just don't like the number 14 ('sap sei' pronouncing like 'definitely d*e' in Cantonese),
am writing the 15th post...

Park Yong-ha's CDs and DVDs are said to be selling like hotcakes now in Japan.

I'm listening to his 'Like the Very First Day (처음 그날처럼)', OST of the drama, 'All In',
which made him explosively popular as a singer in Japan.

Sooooo good

Another hit,'Pls Don't go
(가지마세요)' Such a great singer!

varms said...

I'll miss you, Park Yong Ha... Rest in peace...


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