Friday, 23 July 2010

K-popped! gives away passes to meet the Wonder Girls in Malaysia

Get up close and personal with the Wonder Girls!

JYP’s angels are coming to Malaysia for the MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010 and K-popped!, along with MTV Asia, wants to send you AND a friend to meet the 2 Different Tears quintet!

Yes, you read right. In our Twitter contest, TWO (2) grandprize winners will EACH be walking away with TWO (2) passes to meet the Wonder Girls & TWO (2) passes to attend the MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia. The music extravaganza will be held at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on July 31.

On top of that, FIVE (5) consolation prize winners will be winning TWO (2) passes each to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia!

Here’s how to enter the contest. Read and follow the instructions carefully for your chance to say 안녕하세요! to the Wonder Girls.

2 x 2 passes to Meet & Greet the Wonder Girls + 2 passes to the World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010

Consolation prize:
5 x 2 passes to the World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010

Step 1:
Follow us on Twitter (ID: @k_popped). TWO (2) trivia questions on the Wonder Girls will be released EACH day on July 23, 24 and 25 via Twitter.

Step 2:
Hold on to your answers until all SIX (6) questions have been released. Complete the tiebreaker: “I want to meet the Wonder Girls because…” (in NOT MORE than 20 words).

Step 3:
Send an e-mail entitled: Wonder Girls, here I come! to

Your e-mail must contain:
a) Your answers to all SIX (6) questions AND completed tiebreaker
b) Full name as in IC & IC No. / Passport & Passport No.
c) Mobile phone number

Incomplete entries will not be entertained. Contest end date: July 27 (Tuesday)

If you have any questions regarding the contest, leave a comment below so everyone can benefit from it (and we don’t have to repeat ourselves like a broken record :P).

Terms & conditions:
  • The contest is open to residents of Malaysia or those who will be in Malaysia on July 31 for the event.
  • Passes are strictly non-transferrable and not for sale.
  • If for any reason K-popped! is unable to contact a potential winner within 24 hours of the first attempt to do so, K-popped! reserves the right to select an alternative winner.

More on the Wonder Girls!


Cyfull de'CK said...

Aaarrrggghhhh! I waaaaannntt!!! ^_^

Syd said...

I want it too!!!

Liz said...

Cyfull, join je-lar contest :). Syd, tak boleh :P

loki said...

For the final part : Complete the tiebreaker: “I want to meet the Wonder Girls because…” (in NOT MORE than 20 words).

does the 20 words count 'I want to meet the Wonder Girls because' or issit 'I want to meet the Wonder Girls because' + maximum 20 words?

Liz said...

Hi loki! Good question.

The 20 words DO NOT include the words already given. Thus it is " I want to meet the Wonder Girls because" + 20 words. :)

Cyfull de'CK said...

Liz....i xde/tatau camne nak gune twitter & dah missed the first 2 questions! =(

iris said...

even if you dont hv twitter u can still check the Qs from and search for @k_popped and then click 'more' at the bottom of the page. Hope this helps

Liz said...

Hi everyone,

Here are some of your FAQs regarding the WG contest:

Q1: Is there a difference if we send in our answers now or later?
A1: No, as long as you send in your entries before the contest end date of July 27 (Tuesday).

Q2: Can we send in more than one entry?
A2: Yes, you can. However, if your entries are all the SAME, we consider that as spam and will only consider one entry.

Q3: How will you judge the winners?
A3: Winners will be judged on ALL correct answers and a good tiebreaker. In the event that many contestants get ALL the answers correct, the entries with the best/most interesting/creative tiebreaker get the prize.

Q4: How will you contact the winners?
A4: We will inform you through e-mail. However, it is important that you provide a mobile number where we can contact you and to facilitate the handover of the passes to you.

If you have anymore Qs, please leave them in the comment thread here and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.

Syd said...

So all 6 questions are out!!
Is the Qs tough??

Good luck everyone~~~

watever said...

hey can i know what u mean by WHAT is the nickname Wonderfuls have for Ye Eun/Yenny and WHY?
means u want YENNY nick name or like PARK OPPA?
she got a few nickname though? do i need to list them all down?

Liz said...

Hi watever,

Tell us the nickname and the reason why Wonderfuls call Yenny that. As for listing the nicknames down, do what you have to do to get the prize :)

jessminethor said...

I alreadyy put lots of information regarding the question. I willing to do anything to get the wonder girls pass. crossed my fingers hope i really can win this. THANKS please pick me lol =)

ck_WGspectacle said...

When will the winners of the contest revealed ? I am so excited ...
I hope I am the lucky one .. please

Liz said...


Contest winners will be revealed Thursday (July 29) so stay tuned :)


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