Monday, 26 July 2010

Se7en is back with Better Together

Finally, dancing machine Se7en is making a comeback with his 5th Korean album. Earlier, we posted news about his comeback along with a teaser of his new single.

BOUNCE: Se7en goes digital for his latest mini-album

The 26 year old's mini-album, Digital Bounce, was released on July 21. It contains 7 tracks where one of them features T.O.P of Big Bang.

On the same day the album was released -- YG Entertainment via their Youtube channel -- released the MV of the mini-album's title tack, Better Together. The song climbed to the #1 spot of various K-charts after it was released.

Se7en will perform his comeback stage on MNet M!Countdown on July 29. He will share the stage with T.O.P.

Source: My Daily

Se7en to make comeback in July
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Liz said...

Se7en's lookin' fine! The song is so-so, it hasn't grown on me yet...was more interested in the visuals than the song while watching the MV :P


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