Monday, 30 August 2010

Gummy - 미안해요 (I'm Sorry)

K-poppin' with Fizzy

Gummy (pic below) has been receiving quite a lot of attention after the release of her 1st Mini Album, Loveless earlier this year.

However, she has always been one of my favorite female singers, especially after she unleashed Comfort back in 2008. Little did I know that it was actually her fourth album as she debuted way back in 2003!

Gummy is under YG Entertainment, the same talent agency as Big Bang, 2NE1 and Se7en. Before Comfort, the 29 year old had released 3 full-length albums and a special album, which contained a compilation of tracks she was featured in. It was aptly entitled Featuring.

A few years back, talents always released full-length albums but the norm these days is "mini albums." I guess for the recording companies, mini albums - which have a reduced number of songs, are more economical (but not for the fans!).

Anyway, here I am sharing with all of you the very song that made me fall in love with Kpop, Gummy's 미안해요 (I'm Sorry). The song featured T.O.P of Big Bang. He also starred in the official MV, along with another fellow YG artist, Sandara Park (of 2NE1). Enjoy!


진혜인 said...

agree .. GUMMY song is AWESOME

Good JOB FIZZY ^^ hope to see and hear you contribute more ^^....

Anyway.. I am your huge fans here so remember that .. hahahahaha

Bahiyah Zulkifli said...

i'm your huge fans after this i'll never miss ur article...^-^
Fizzy Hwaiting~~~~

fizzyhasan said...

thanks for your support dear FRIENDS.

i'll try to update regularly.

ida said...

got song featured T.O.P and MV too..WOW!

Congratulation Fizzy! hwaiting! :D

Orchid said...

FIZZY, first post and you already have fans! fooyuh!

Keep coming back for more pple!


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