Wednesday, 11 August 2010

K-popped! in the news

K-popped! was featured in StarMag on Aug 8, 2010.

StarMag (Variety) is a Sunday pullout of The Star newspaper, currently Malaysia's leading English daily.

The feature is on the rise of the Korean Wave in Malaysia and K-pop blogs :).

If you missed the article, you can read it here.

Special thanks to our readers and friends for your support through the years! We hope there will be many more to come.

K-popped! in the news:
Empas News quotes K-popped! on Lee Hyori

Bi's scandalous shirt makes it to Singapore press


진혜인 said...

Hahahaha.. the first thing i did when i saw this news at the star newspaper on Sunday early in the morning... find my phone and start texting to Fizzy... kekekekeke..

Previous time is mention her name and her story but her picture was not there and she kind of relief ...

But this time HER PICTURE is there.. sure gonna shock her ... kakakakakakakkaka

To me, she is like a rising stars... isn't it?

Actually i would like to thanks to Seto for writing so much ^^

and would like to thank k-popped team for having a website about kpop in english ^^

Okay currently i dunno what am I talking about now.. my brain stuck... better off first before i write more rubbished

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Congratulations Girls!! You certainly give us a great blog!! I'm glad somebody else noticed!

Ayumi said...

Wow, came to know a lot bout you guys!

Congrats and keep up da great work (you've been doing)~~!

rin said...

Congratulations and keep it up :-)

Liz said...

@Viv: Yeah, I was sure you would be texting Fizzy about her appearance in the papers :) hee hee.

@Vic: Thanks for the kind words. You have been one of our most loyal readers...and all the way from California! <3

@Ayumi & rin: Thank YOU for your support :)

ekgarin said...

Keep doing a very good work as you did today.
I will keep reading your blog.


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