Thursday, 30 September 2010

Comcast expands on-demand Kpop line up

Annyeonghaseyo, readers from the US!

In May this year, we reported on Comcast providing its customers on demand access to a jukebox of Kpop smash hits.

Currently, America’s largest cable operator and home internet service provider has expanded its line up of Kpop videos with monthly offerings from Television Korea (TVK).

Viewers can now easily access popular tracks of hit makers such as Girls’ Generation (pic above), Big Bang, Kara and Wonder Girls. The service is at no additional charge as long as your subscription covers On Demand > Music > K-Pop.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

You like?

Comcast provides on demand Kpop music


Anonymous said...

Damn. We have Verizon FiOS, and could get Charter (Cable TV) but not Comcast. Do you guys know if this is only one market, or all over?

Vic in Long Beach

Jacky said...

The K-Pop offering is only available in Comcast markets coast-to-coast. To see if this service is offered in your area please call Comcast customer service.


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