Monday, 13 September 2010

MC Mong extracted teeth to dodge military service?

Singer / rapper MC Mong is alleged to have extracted healthy teeth so he could escape serving in the South Korean army!

It is reported that the 31-year-old removed 12 teeth in 2008 to get an exemption. Police plan to arrest the singer without detention.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said the rapper, whose real name is Shin Dong-hyun, postponed his military duty seven times from 1999 to 2006.

“He put off joining the army with reasons such as applying for the civil service examination, job training and overseas travel. However, he filmed a movie and released albums during the period when he delayed the service,” a police officer said.

MC Mong denied the allegations when he was summoned for investigation in July. He claimed that the teeth were removed because of cavities. However, the police officer can confirm that at least four teeth were removed to weaken his “dental function” and eventually get an exemption from military service.

The talent is currently appearing in 1 Night 2 Days (KBS) and Haha Mong Show (SBS). KBS will be editing out the scenes in which MC Mong appears in, thus shortening the upcoming show by 15 minutes. It is still uncertain whether the Indian Boy singer will remain as a cast member of the show.

In response to the controversy, MC Mong wrote at his minihompy:

I was exempted from military service obviously because of my teeth. I am too sad and hurt to see viewers' comments describing me as a military dodger.

I apologise for creating a controversy. I don't want to be remembered as a son or entertainer who committed wrongdoings on military service. I will bring to light the whole truth about the case.

Sources: The Korea Times & AsiaOne News

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murnie_junie said...

You think my country is like a deceitful person? all the countries who hate liars. mc mong had reason he avoided!possible the purchase of a sudden it dropped imaged kbs and ‘1n2d’. is certainly present, those involved are being laughed at by the administration is now desperate kbs is the rhythm of those involved to edit mc mong the ‘1n2d’ and want to throw the ‘1n2d’.. mc mong kbs should support, not pressure him and not follow the rhythm of a sudden this prize. kbs to be open minded and not throw mc mong ‘1n2d’.. if kbs ‘1n2d’remove mc mong, meaning the party managed to drop the broadcast kbs and ‘1n2d’ for the purpose of a sudden they dig it. as an artist, mc mong are not stupid for doing it on purpose …


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