Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Lee Na-young’s funny on set photos of Fugitive Plan B

Lee Na-young, the lead actress of KBS drama Fugitive Plan B, revealed some comical on set photos of herself.

The 31-year-old, who portrays Jini, is seen with her co-star Rain, who puts on a vacant look for the shot. Meanwhile, she is also seen posing with a man who might be her…er, stunt double? They have the same clothes on.

WHOSE LINE IS IT, ANYWAY?: Lee Na-young (right) with clueless
co-star Bi

Fugitive Plan B
is a fast-paced action drama about a private investigator named Jiwoo (Rain / Jung Ji-hoon) who is hired by Jini to track down a murderer named Melchidec. She is afraid that Melchidec, who murdered her parents, will come after her. As the pair work together on the case, they can’t help but fall for each other.

WHO'S SEXIER?: Take your pick, ladies and gentlemen.

Hunkilicious Daniel Henney co-stars as Kai. There will also be appearances by The Slave Hunters cast such as Oh Ji-ho, Lee Da-hae, Sung Dong-il and Kong Hyung-jin.

The Slave Hunters (2010) director-writer team of Kwak Jung-hwan and Chun Seung-il are behind the drama.

Fugitive Plan B started airing in South Korea on Sept 29 and will be airing in Malaysia after popular drama Bread, Love and Dreams ends its run.

Sources: KBS World & MSN News

Rain starts filming new drama Fugitive

Lee Na-young joins Rain in Fugitive


Anonymous said...

why ain't rain looking buffed as before?? he looks malnourished & haggard-lah ;p... meh sini i kasi makan sedap2 & some love ;)

hanys said...

haha.. meh sini saya bagi makan banyak2 juga.miss rain so much. huhu.

EvA said...
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Anonymous said...

Rain looks so different. I think he's too tired from all that filming for the movie. He needs some rest. D:

I lol'd at the 2nd pic. Omg stunt double dude! I kinda feel sorry for him. Like he has to dress up like a girl. xDD

Anyway i'm looking forward to watch this. A: Because Rain is in it. B: Daniel Henney is in it...and C: Because it looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Lee, Na Young in Sassy Girl?

Suraya Ahmed said...

Nope, she was in Please Teach Me English with Jang Hyuk. The one in Sassy Girl is Jeon Ji Hyun...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Suraya! That is correct. It has been a while since I watched a Korean movie! Thank you!!

Vic in Long Beach, CA


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