Friday, 15 June 2007

The 44th Daejong Awards (8th June 2007)

The Daejong Awards a.k.a. Grand Bell Awards, is the oldest surviving film fest in Korea. It is regarded by some as the most prestigious in the Korean film industry, equivalent to the Academy Awards. Here's the list of winners.

The Best Project (최우수작품상): Family Ties (가족의 탄생)

The Best Director (감독상): Bong Joon Ho (봉준호, ‘The Host’)

The Best Actor (남우주연상): Ahn Sung Gi (안성기, ‘Radio Star’)

The Best Actress (여우주연상): Kim Ah Joong (김아중, ‘S Line’)

The Best Supporting Actor (남우조연상): Kim Yoon Suk (김윤석, ‘Tazza’)

The Best Supporting actress (여우조연상): Shim Hye Jin (심혜진, ‘South of the Border’)

The Best New Director (신인감독상): Kwon Hyung Jin (권형진, ‘For Horowitz’)

The Best New Actor (신인남우상): Ryu Duk Hwan (류덕환, ‘Like a Virgin’)

The Best New Actress (신인여우상): Jo Yi Jin (조이진, ‘South of the Border’)

The Best Planning (기획상): Lee Jung Hak (이정학, ‘Lump Suger’)

The Best Scenario (시나리오상): Sung Gi Young, Kim Tae Yong (성기영, 김태용, ‘Family Ties’)

The Best Cinematography (촬영상): Park Hyun Chul (박현철, ‘S Line’)

The Best Lighting (조명상): Lee Joo Saeng (이주생, ‘Paradise’)

The Best Editing (편집상): Kim Sun Min (김선민, ‘The Host’)

The Best Mixed Media Technique (영상기술상): Shin Jae Ho, Jung Do Ahn (신재호, 정도안, DTI, ETRI, ‘Midair’)

The Best Sound Effect (음향기술상): Jung Gwang Ho, Choi Tae Young (정광호, 최태영, ‘Lump Suger’)

The Best Music Score (음악상): Lee Jae Hak (이재학, ‘S Line’)

The Best Art Design (미술상): Kim Gi Chul (김기철, ‘Midair’)

The Best Costumes (의상상): Jo Sang Kyung (조상경, ‘Tazza’)

Special Award (특별상): Jun Do Yun (전도연)

Merit Award (공로상): Shin Young Gyoon (신영균)

The Most Popular Actor (Domestic, 인기상 국내남자): Lee Bum Soo (이범수)
The Most Popular Actress (Domestic ,국내여자): Kim Ah Joong (김아중)
The Most Popular Actor (Overseas, 해외남자): Jung Ji Hoon/Bi (정지훈)
The Most Popular Actress (Overseas, 해외여자): Kim Tae Hee (김태희)



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