Friday, 22 June 2007

BoA (보아)

A heavyweight in the Korean entertainment industry, BoA has many awards and albums neatly tucked under her belt; all extremely impressive achievements for someone who is barely 21!

This young lady, who debuted at 13, has already released 10 full-length albums, three mini-albums, two compilation albums, two remix albums and over 30 singles in Japan and Korea. Phew! Suddenly I feel like a useless dinosaur.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the one, and only BoA:

Name: Kwon Boa (권보아)

Date of birth: Nov 5, 1986

Languages spoken: Korean, Japanese & English

Height: 160cm

Weight: 45kg

Blood type: AB

Religion: Catholic

Family: Parents, two older brothers & a sister

Debuted: Aug 25, 2000


  • ID; Peace B (2000)
  • Listen to My Heart (2002)
  • No.1 (2002)
  • Valenti (2003)
  • Atlantis Princess (2003)
  • Love and Honesty (2004)
  • My Name (2004)
  • Girls on Top (2005)
  • Outgrow (2006)
  • Made in Twenty (20) (2007)
  • The Face (2008)

My goodness, two albums per year for three consecutive years? The singing machine blogs at but it’s all in Japanese. However, she loves photography and has uploaded some interesting pics there.


Orchid said...

Yes, i have heard about her. But at first i thought she's a Japanese. Because she is big in Japan or something. Actually i don't know why, i just got the impression that she is Japanese. So she is 100% Korean?

She is quite a big star in Korea who is #1? BoA or Lee Hyori or some other sexy, underweight (45kg at 160cm?!!?) singer?

Liz said...

BoA already has the Japanese in the palm of her hands, while Hyo-ri is still trying to break into Japan.

I guess you can say BoA has a wider fan base than Hyo-ri. But for being #1 in Korea, I really don't know.

Anyone care to inform us?

Anonymous said...

BoA IS INDEED THE QUEEN OF K-POP... some say she has a share with SM Entertaiment....(although im not so sure...) she is not the 'down 2 earth' kind of person if u hav 2 ask...sometimes her dancing is kind of crooky..(maybe coz shes tired or something...who know..).. kuckily she sings well...

macel said...

somehow i have a feeling she could be jaded from all of it $_$

gwo said...

adodro boa... amei a koreia... estive em seoul em novembro... e estou ansiosa p voltar.... amo a koreia

Li-Jin said...

I truly admire BoA Kwan has been all the trouble to learn Japanese the moment she sign a music contract. She did a really tough intensive to master a foreign language. Since she's pure Korean. People may know at least two languages. She knows Japanese and Verbal English. Is something some of us are should be encouraged to follow also to learn another foreign language. So lets learn Korean! ^^

BoAtheBest said...

BoA the Best!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BoA!! Deffinetly the best artist out there, if not then one of the best hehehe
Go BoA!

Anonymous said...

screw boa she doesnt like american korean.. and even hates to perform here.. we know her from back stage choo-suk festival...fawk that hooker ^.~..hyori ftw ...KP nuka holla back AKB all day 1

Anonymous said...

Don't bash BoA just cause she's so famous. What do you mean "we know her from back stage choo-suk festival" did u talk to her? If not, then keep it down. So, you're a Hyori fan and you called BoA a hooker? Irony.. i see.
I'm not even gonna go there, you're just messed up in the head.

Anonymous said...

I love BoA's Eat You Up...though i'm not a fan of her but i salute her dancing skills...she's amazing

Anonymous said...

BoA isn't 160cm. She's 145cm or 150cm at most. Definitely not 160~

starmusic said...


Hey check out BoA's Birthday on MTV IGGY . COM
MTV Iggy BoA B-Day video.

MTV IGGY . COM also has tons of other BoA stuff .. do a search for "Boa"

i <3 BoA

starmusicjoy said...

ooh oooh!!! i found some more stuff on boa at MTVIGGY.COM !!!

BoA: #1 Asian Pop Star Tackles the U.S., Part III: What’s In a Bag*

BoA: #1 Asian Pop Star Tackles the U.S., Part II: Dance Rehearsal*

Anonymous said...

even though i am not japanese i still love how she sings the song eien. i heard of her before she sung the song in english i'll eat you up. even though her english isn't that great.

Lim Yi Huan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

When did BoA have a sister?

Melaboa said...

I love her!she's so cool! makes me cry to think i did nothing when i was

Anonymous said...

BoA doesn't have any sister!

teddybear010 said...

the song eat you up is not nice
her voice is....
she still sings in kr

N said...

45 kg!? Somebody feed that girl! xD


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