Wednesday, 13 June 2007

JYP on the cover of Billboard mag

Composer Park Jin-young (JYP), who is also known as Rain/비’s mentor, has become the first Korean to grace the cover of Billboard Magazine!

Before your choke on your soju thinking of the incredible feat, do take note that the influential music mag also uses its cover as advertising space. In other words, the cover has been paid for.

Mr. Park’s agency said: “Although it’s a paid advertisement, the magazine provides a great opportunity for artists judged by careful scrutiny as matching the authority and stature of the magazine. Park was selected as the cover model since he was involved in some Billboard Top 10 albums by artists such as Will Smith, Mase, Cassie and others – a first for an Asian composer.”

I’m OK with JYP a.k.a The Asian Soul paying for his own cover, but what’s with the over-enthusiastic photoshopping? That pic (left) makes the 35-year-old look like he belongs in a wax museum.

Yo graphic people, chill with the photoshopping, will ya? Look how natural he is (right pic) without any tampering? Next time, please use a better picture.


Orchid said...

Hey Liz, yeah the pic of JYP on Billboard magazine looks like it has been tampered. But it makes him look tough and like he means business. I think this image is better than his "pantaloon" days! =) Kudos to The Asian Soul on his success in the USA. He writes & produces pretty good music in my book. Hope to hear and see more of him.

Liz said...

Oh, his talent as a songwriter was never in question. He's excellent when it comes to writing Korean tracks.

Not too sure about English songs, though. If he wrote that Man Up tune which Bi recorded with Omarion, then...I guess there's room for improvement.

Still don't like the photo.


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