Monday, 25 June 2007

Kim Sung-su (김성수)

The Net doesn’t have much news on the handsome Mr. Kim except that he was in Osaka, Japan on June 24 for a fan meeting.

Malaysians know him from his role in Full House (2004), where he played the debonair Yu Min-heok, the other guy who makes a play for Han Ji-eun’s (Song Hye-kyo) affections.

I think the drama Lawyers showed on local TV recently, but it was at the ungodly hour of 7am! Who gets up to watch a drama that early in the morning?

Anyway, Mr. Kim is a hottie and here’s his mini-profile:

Name: Kim Sung-su
Date of birth: May 23, 1975
Blood type: B
Height: 185cm
Weight: 77kg
Marital status:


  • Monopoly (2006)
  • The Red Shoes (2005)
  • Please Teach Me English (2003) – Call me! I’m at 01235898xx :-P
  • The Sweet Sex And Love (2003)

TV dramas:

  • My Precious Child/ My Beloved Children (2008)
  • Bad Love (2007)
  • My Sister (2006)
  • Lawyers (2005)
  • Stained Glass (2004)
  • Full House (2004)
  • Say You Love Me (2004) – OK, I *heart* you


Orchid said...

Yah, handsome.

Anonymous said...

He is so gorgeous! I just recently watched his movie "sweet sex and love" and was thoroughly shocked that he did porn! Still, I got to see uhmm...more of him ;)

stephanie said...

I think he's one of Korea's most under rated actor.Why? because he's got REAL acting skills.The expressive eyes and shy smile of his is his real asset.But I think his also sad...its in his aura...don't know why.At times I could sense..melancholic and sad disposition.wonder why?

Anonymous said...

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southerngirl said...

Hello. I just want to know if the handsome Kim Sung So is indeed in "Please Teach me English". I haven't seen the movie, but I tried to look it up from other sites. Unfortunately, from what I was able to gather, the said movie made no mention of Kim Sung So either starring or appearing in the said film.
Interestingly however, Kim Seong So, the guy who directed Please Teach Me English made a 2008 movie entitled "I Like it Hot" (alternatively entitled "Hellcats") that stars Kim Sung So.
So there might be a mix-up or something. I hope you guys can straighten it out for all the Kim Sung Su fans out there. Thanks. =)


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