Thursday, 14 June 2007

Love in Heaven (2005)

Korean title: 하늘이시여 (Ha-neul-i-si-yeo)

What’s popping:

A story about incest? Whoa, and on local terrestrial TV! OK, maybe there’s a twist somewhere in this long-running drama but I’m not hanging around long enough to find out.

Firstly, it’s dubbed in Mandarin, and I dislike that. Give me Korean audio with English subtitles and I’m a happy camper. However, I caught an episode recently – #62 or something – yeah, it runs THAT long!

It stars Yoon Jeong-hee (윤정희) as the heroine Ja-gyeong, and Lee Tae-gon (이태곤) as the hero Wang-mo. There’s much to draw you to the series, such as…

The plot:

Juicy. Step-siblings are attracted to each other and the only person who knows about it – the Mother – is keeping mum (sic) about it. Ja-gyeong was abandoned by her biological mother and knows nothing about her. She was raised by her stepmother.

Now Wang-mo’s stepmother is the same woman who abandoned Ja-gyeong. Draw a little family tree to suss things out and voila, this makes Ja-gyeong and Wang-mo siblings, once removed.

Eh, not so controversial after all. They still have different sets of parents, right? No wonder the drama made it to our shores.

Watch it:

Free TV (yay!)

On TV2 @ 9-10pm

Every Monday to Wednesday


Orchid said...

Oh gosh...i will not watch it if it is dubbed in Mandarin. It just spoils it. :-(

Liz said...

I'm not sure about this but did the term "Wang Ja" come from this series?

You know, when Koreans mean "outcast" or something?

I remembered in YSMM when Kim Sa-rang said she had no friends and was an outcast when she was competing for the Miss Korea title. They were going "Wang-Ja" something something...


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