Wednesday, 25 July 2007

100 Days with Mr Arrogant (2003)

Korean title: 내 사랑 싸가지 (My Love Ssagajy)

Directed by: Sin Dong-yeop (신동엽)

Ha Ji-won (하지원)
Kim Jae-won (김재원)

Hey Liz, we watched this movie on Astro Kirana sometime back remember?

What's popping:

I think Kim Jae-won is really cute. He has nice dimples and huge eyes. But I think Ha Ji-won was miscast in this movie. I didn't find her adorable at all and don't think they make a suitable couple.

The plot:

This movie was not a chore to watch, but it wasn't really memorable either. I cannot remember the plot clearly. So if you want to know - read it at KMovie Addicts.

Watch it:

I'm afraid it was aired on Astro Kirana sometime back. Get the DVD if you are interested.


Liz said...

Yup we watched this like last month? Or was it two months ago? It was showing on 8TV, if I'm not mistaken.

KATrina said...

yeah.... KIm Jae Won's big eyes make him attractive..... :D

southerngirl said...

The chemistry between the characters wasn't developed enough.


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