Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The Cross' schedule while in Malaysia

So you wanna be part of a groupie? Here's all you need to know to keep up with Korean rock duo The Cross during their one-week visit to Malaysia. The pair will be in our country from Aug 7 to 15!

Aug 7 (Tue)

  • Arrival @ 5.10pm
  • They will be flying Malaysian Airlines System (MAS)

Aug 11 (Sat)
  • Performing at 8TV Summer Live Concert in Ipoh, Perak

Aug 12 (Sun)
  • Album promotion (Magician) and showcase @ Berjaya Times Square (BTS)
  • Meet the fans & autograph session, also @ BTS

Aug 13 & 14 (Mon & Tue)
  • Save the marine turtles with The Cross @ Tioman island

Aug 15 (Wed)
  • Departure @ 1am - ugh, red eye flights suck, poor dudes
  • Flying MAS

To read an interview with the duo and details on how to join them in Tioman, go to



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