Thursday, 26 July 2007

Are Korean men cry babies?

Especially in Korean dramas, the men cry a lot.

On one hand you gotta respect them, they are not afraid to shed a tear - on International TV! :-)

On the other hand, do you think sometimes they over-do it? Three nights in a row, I managed to catch about 15 minutes of (Really Really Like You) on tv. Two out of three times, I saw the lead actor who was played by Ryoo Jin - cry. Well, it's not only in this drama. It's in all Korean dramas in general.

Ryoo Jin and Yoo Jin in the Korean drama Love Truly

So what do you think about men crying in Korean dramas?

  • STOP IT...stop crying and show some real acting for a change.
  • JUST RIGHT...I love my Korean dramas the way they are. Don't change a thing please.
  • CRY MORE PLEASE...I want to see more men crying...bwahahaha


Liz said...


Nice to see men getting in touch with their weepy side. It's just that sometimes, I'm amazed at how these actors turn on the waterworks on cue.

Vicki said...

Yeah, there is a point where you can over do it. Crying a river isn't always necessary to convey emotion.

Anonymous said...

Why not? Men also are passionate humans as well as women. Depending on each personality, men's tears will be validated .

Anonymous said...

This is one of the things I love about Korean drama. These are real men, not afraid to show their emotions.


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