Thursday, 26 July 2007

Honey Lee part of the Hallyu?

Instead of the usual movie/drama star and singers fuelling the rise of the Korean wave, Miss Korea Honey Lee may be the first beauty queen to add momentum to the Hallyu!

Honey Lee, who was the 3rd runner-up at the 2007 Miss Universe pageant, was recently highlighted in Singapore's Electric New Paper. Apparently, the daily typically introduces entertainers and Honey Lee is the first beauty queen to have the spotlight trained on her.

The Korean beauty is not only musically-gifted (she plays the kayageum, violin, piano and flute) but can also kick anyone's @$$ with her black belt Taekwondo skills.

Currently, the 24-year-old is co-hosting an entertainment news program but her agency says that that doesn't guarantee a foray into showbiz. The 173cm beauty is also a post-graduate student at the Seoul National University, after earning an honours degree in traditional music.

In an interview for the Miss Universe pageant, the talented lady says that she has two ambitions in life.

"One is to become a cultural ambassador for Korea as a Kayageum-ist and professor of traditional Korean music. The other goal is to become a volunteering missionary in developing or undeveloped countries including North Korea."

Beauty, brains and talent. Some just have it all. The photo below is of Honey taking in a football game with her mom recently. Hmm yes, I see the resemblance.


sasjo said...

What's a "kayageum" (that musical instrument you mentioned)?

See, I actually read the post and not just looked at the picture. :)

Now excuse me while I wipe my drool...

Liz said...

Ops, you missed a spot right there. *points*

Yes, I'm sure you read the post ;-P, ergo, the Kayageum query.

Uh huh, kayageum is a traditional Korean instrument; a Korean zither.

sasjo said...

And a zither would be...?

Liz said...

Zither: a musical instrument with a lot of metal strings stretched over a flat wooden box. You play with your fingers or a pick. (Oxford Dictionary)

Orchid said...

I think Honey looks REALLY NICE in that pic with her mom. She looks so sweet! But that pic with her in the bikini...the face does not look so nice. Izzit make-up or what?

Liz said...

Oh tish tosh pish posh, details, details.

Who'd care if your make-up ain't quite right when you have such a ROCKIN' body?

Anonymous said...

Ah, this girl pretty. Not like that pale look SHK who promote silly bag and all that.

Misha said...

aww she is so pretty.


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