Monday, 23 July 2007

Banjun Drama 101

What are Banjun Dramas?
Banjun Drama is also known as Banjeon Drama (반전드라마) or Reverse Drama. It is a series of short unrelated dramas aired by SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) in 2006. The dramas are aired in a variety show. Various well known actors or artists guest star in each of the dramas. The dramas are usually hillarious and at times very corny. But it is good light-hearted viewing.

When was the last drama aired?
The last episode was aired on April 23, 2006.

How many Banjun dramas were aired in total?
I have no idea. But for a comprehensive list, visit soompi forums.

Do you have any sample dramas I could view?
I bet you could download these dramas and some software to view them. Just do a search in Google. I found this drama still on YouTube. It is one of Rain's Banjun dramas - a pretty old one. At the time this entry is published, the YouTube link is valid.

The Player (Nappun Namja) (9:23 mins) – Mandarin subtitles
Rain acts as Ji-hoon (incidently his real name) and is going out with this girl (Yumin), but blatantly flirts with another girl (Yu Hee-jin) at the same time. This one is very corny and has not much of a plot.

Who acts in these dramas?
Han Ji-hye, Eric, Yun Kye-sang, Li Hwi-jae, Bi, MC Mong, Andy etc. have acted in these dramas. For a more complete list, view soompi forums.

Jeong Chan, Han Ji-hye and Bi in one of the Banjun Dramas


Sakari said...

Are you sure that's Eric on the left? Doesn't the guy look more like Jeong Chan, who acted with Lee Seo-jin and Kim Jeong-eun in Lovers?

Orchid said...

Hi Sakari,

Thanks for pointing that out. Actually i only guessed it was Eric. But looks like i am wrong. Will get the correct name after i do some checking. Thanks again!

Orchid said...

You are right Sakari, i think he's Jeong Chan :-)


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