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Kwon Sang-woo (권상우)

It's about time we profiled Kwon Sang-woo because his popular works are being shown on local TV. With his model good looks and onscreen charisma, it's little wonder that Mr. Kwon is the most wanted actor in Korea. The 31-year-old modelled before embarking on an acting career. He was noted for the popular flick My Tutor Friend, which was released in 2003.

His popularity increased tremendously when he starred opposite Choi Ji-woo in Stairway to Heaven, one of the most popular Korean dramas to date.

In 2004, he tackled the role of a Catholic priest in Love So Divine. During an interview to promote the flick, Mr. Kwon revealed that his mother is a Roman Catholic and that he was encouraged by friends to be baptised. He also added that his mother was helping him study the Christian faith.

Sometimes, the price of fame can be a pain in the @$$ and Mr. Kwon sure knows a thing or two about that. Earlier this year, an entertainment manager who is linked to an organised crime ring was arrested for threatening the actor.

The tai kor (Cantonese for “gangster”) demanded exclusive rights over the actor and wanted to force him to participate in a fan meeting. Also, the management owed money to the actor and even extorted 800mil won (RM2,978,149) from Mr. Kwon and another actor by threatening to air their dirty laundry in public.

Hmph, opportunists.

Anyway, Mr. Kwon is back on his career track (yay!) and was last reported to be in the midst of filming Fate. He is also planning a promotional tour of China, Japan and Southeast Asia. (Come to Malaysia, Mr. Kwon. We've got, FOOD, yeah! Satay's on me ;-P)

On July 18, Kwon called for press conference on short notice to announce his marriage to actress Sohn Tae-young. The couple have set their wedding date on September 28, 2008.

Ladies, meet Korea's most wanted (actor):

Name: Kwon Sang-woo
Date of birth: Aug 5, 1976
Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kg
Blood type: O
Education: Hannam University (Fine Arts Education major)
Hobbies: Swimming, weight training, basketball, boxing
Family: Mother, brother, sister-in-law, niece
Religion: Roman Catholic


  • Bad Love (2007)
  • Sad Love Story/ Sad Sonata (2005)
  • Stairway to Heaven (2003)
  • Into the Sun (2003)
  • We are Dating Now (2002)
  • Sweet Proposal (2001)
  • Legend (2001)
  • Man and Women (2001)
An Interview with Kwon Sang Woo

More on Kwon Sang-woo


penny said...

has KSW been in the army yet? cause i think i remembered reading about him serving the army when he was 18, but that was some times ago and i'm not too sure now...k thanks..

PS-just discovered your sight and i'm enjoying it alot =)

Orchid said...

Hi Penny, i do not know which year Kwon Sang-woo served in the army, but he has done his military duty. =)

Glad you like the site. Hope to hear more from you.

Elly said...

this site is awesome! I sooo love it...simply beacuse this is the first malaysian blogspot on everything about KOREA...KOREANS...Hallyuwoods... KSW...Binnie..the list foes on and on...

Did anyone know that KSW came to Malaysia last year?...saw that on youtube...

Wish i knew...:(

Liz said...

Hello Elly, welcome to K-popped! :-)

No we didn't know Kwon Sang-woo came to Malaysia. We know of a rumour that he might come later in the year, but that didn't happen.

Could you please provide us the link to the YouTube vid of the visit you saw?

Elly said...

Thank you orchid. Well, thank you guys too!

Chx this out guys:

It sure looks real to me...but dunno for filming or personal visit...??!?

Liz said...

thank you Elly! :-)

elly said...

np's a pleasure...

FYI, I'm a youtube downloader freak...hahaha....esp. on the hallyuwoods!

Founding this site is also a pleasure guys :D

Orchid said...

Thank you Elly & nice to meet you.

I am so excited to learn that KSW was actually in Malaysia. =) Wrote an entry about the video.

Anonymous said...

i saw ksw on (sad love story) and i loved his part i really need some info about (bad love) or (stair ways to heaven) i didn`t see any of them yet and i really want to so please if any one can give me the scoop please visit my e-mail

SNOW said...


Kim Lin-ae said...

I really really love Kwon SAng woo... I've been following him since i watched My tutor Friend with Kim Ha Neul...I really love their tandem bcoz they're both gorgeous...They have great chemistry!... Last month I've watched their second movie together...I cried so hard..huhu..poor Sang woo...Hope they'll end up marrying each other...Kamsahamnida

fidelina said...

Hi, I’m lyn, an avid fan of yours from the Philippines.
I first saw you in Stairway To Heaven and whew! that was such a tearjerker. I already finished watching all the episodes on tv but since Korean television dramas are being edited when they are shown here in the Philippines so i still bought the complete set of cd's of Stairway to Heaven. I wanted to watch the complete drama, i don't want to miss those scenes that have been cut or edited also i wanted to hear the real voices of the actors. I cried again the whole length of drama so that my husband chided me also because i watched it straight from Saturday evening until the whole day of Sunday. My kids got even irritated with me when i wasn’t able to accompany then to church since i don't want to get disturbed from watching. I again saw you in Sad Love Song or Sad Sonata which is another tearjerker of a love story. And it was then that i begun to get curious about this handsome and very charismatic actor who seems to type-casted in tragic love stories of tv dramas. I started then to become a netizen admirer of yours watching and waiting for every bits of news about you. I started to admire the real Kwon sang Woo and not just the actor believing that your a real kindhearted sincere person inside when you came to visit my country and you donated five houses for my poor countrymen here. My heart flowed with admiration and love for you that you even went to the location which i know is kind of like not a good place for you to go to considering not just for your safety but also because of the physical characteristic of the place. Now that you've finally found your true love and decided to enter married life i can only be happy for you. It's indeed high time that you settle down since your not getting any younger. Early thirties for men is the vest time to father a child. I'm also no longer nervous anymore anticipating who you will choose to be your lifetime partner. Miss Sonh really is a very perfect partner for you no matter whatever negative they say. Hey, they're not the ones who will live with her. It's your life and whoever you choose to love then people who really care for you should just support you and wish the best for you. What matters in any relationship is the mutual love and respect that two people have for each other. So i can only hope and pray earnestly that your love for each other will be real immeasurable and undying because this is what will help you conquer any trials that will come in your life as a couple. And together with our Almighty Father's blessing i trust you two will be able to weather any storm that will come in your life so that you two will eventually have a peaceful, happy and blessed family life. God Bless You! Hey, I'm also wishing here that in the very near feature you and Mrs. Kwon Tae Young will have a movie, or a tv drama or perhaps a show on tv together as soon as everything in your married life has been settled already. Your fans here and everywhere will surely love seeing you two in a project. More Power To Mr. and Mrs. Kwon Sang Woo!!

elyse said...

Hi there! I was wondering what's keeping kwon sang woo busy these days. After his wedding with Tae Young, i haven't heard any drama or movie that he is doing right now.

Anonymous said...

Will pray for your happiness, and may The Good Lord Bless you and your family abundantly..

Anonymous said...

he's the 1st korean actor that i ever liked..but i fell in love with jo in sung after seeing him in what happened in bali. since then, my heart has remained loyal to in sung! :)

Jessica said...

kwon sang woo, i like and love u so much. i like ur drama and movie. even u sang the stairway to heaven song i had listened before. i hope u can come to malaysia. and i also hope i can go to korea to visit u and ur coffee shop. kwon sang woo! i love u!
i am jessica ang


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