Monday, 23 July 2007

Bean Pole and Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller – hunky prisoner in the hit TV series Prison Break is the new model for South Korea’s Bean Pole fashion label. Now, this ruggedly handsome 35 year-old is a hit among Koreans (according to article : Why Koreans go wild for Wentworth).

Bean Pole’s brand concept is the contemporary upper-class urban British look. Think Mayfair Street in London, so lots of tailored jackets, tailored pants and the use of tweed. A bit stiff if you ask me, but that is their direction and mission statement. The clothing line targets full-time working professionals as their consumer.

The website is mostly in Korean but you get some English words popping out here and there and you will get the gist from those words.

They have Gwyneth Paltrow and pan-Asian Daniel Henney modeling for them too. Well, maybe with the introduction of Miller as their new model,
Bean Pole will develop a more rugged and trendy image to their "stuffiness".

Wentworth Miller in Korea


Liz said...

Yes, Wentworth Miller is such a hottie. Am watching Prison Break Season 1 and OOoOOOooOO, he's such a dreamboat.

Good choice, Bean Pole. Korean girls, I like your taste ;-). Mr Miller rocks!

Orchid said...

Yeah i hear you Liz. Wentworth Miller - "the man with the plan" in Prison Break is really hot! Sizzling!


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