Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Hye-kyo gets the prize

Well, our poll results tallied with HanCinema’s claim that Song Hye-kyo is the “most wanted” Korean actress around.

The beauty bagged the most number of votes with a whopping 64% in K-popped’s second poll (see below).

Eating Hye-kyo’s popularity dust was Lee Young-ae who came in second (15%), followed by the actress with a “pinched” nose, Choi Ji-woo (10%).

Ha Ji-won waddled along with 7% of the votes while Lee Eun-joo was left behind with only 1%.

A very big thank you to all 65 participants who voted. Our new poll has a local twist to it but anyone who wants a say on Malaysian TV programming is welcomed to vote ;-). Have fun!



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