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Sang-doo, let's go to school! (2003)

Korean Title: 상두야, 학교가자!

Directed by:
Lee Hyeong-min (이형민)

Screenplay by:
Lee Kyeong-hee (이경희)

Cha Sang-doo : Rain (비)
Chae Eun-hwan: Kong Hyo-jin (공효진)
Kang Min-suk: Lee Dong-gun (이동건)
Han Se-ra: Hong Soo-hyeon (홍수현)

Episodes: 16

What's popping:

Sang-doo is Rain's debut in the Korean drama scene. I think he did a very good job in Sang-doo. He looks like he was having so much fun playing Sang-doo and he takes you through the journey of Sang-doo's life effortlessly. It is fun to watch.

The plot:

  • Cha Sang-doo (Rain) and Chae Eun-hwan (Kong Hyo-jin) were high-school sweethearts. Although they were the best of friends and spent lots of time together in the beautiful sea-side town of Namhae, they did not confess their love for each other.
  • In a series of tragic events, they were torn apart from each other without a chance to say good-bye.

  • Sang-doo had to go to juvenile prison and his foster parents abandoned him.

  • Fast forward 10 years later, in the bustling city of Seoul...Sang-doo is now a gigolo. He does this to support his seven-year old daughter Cha Bo-ri, who is battling with cancer.

  • One day, he bumps into Eun-hwan by accident (accident is the right word – because he nearly kills her). She is now engaged to a cute, well respected doctor (played by Lee Dong-gun) who happens to be treating little Bo-ri.

  • Sang-doo realizes he still loves Eun-hwan and is determined to win back her love. He becomes a security guard at the school she teaches in, and later becomes a student there – just to be close to her.

  • Who will Eun-hwan choose? Her first love or Mr Hot-Shot, kind-hearted – treat me like a tree, doctor?
Watch it:

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megnaruh said...

this s my 2nd loved TV show in Korea.!

ALL FOR LOVE (name of the show here in the philippines) made me cry..

it has a sensible and heartbreaking story of a long lost love and how Sangdoo or Sydney foght it back..

the story of him and his daughter also made me cry..

Rain is a very versatile celebrity..

he really acts very well..

and i love him so much that i want to marry him!!


Anonymous said...

I liked this drama a lot until the ending.. Mostly I kinda got confused but yeah I thought the ending killed it

Anonymous said...

I liked this drama a lot until the ending.. Mostly I kinda got confused but yeah I thought the ending killed it

coro said...

I became a huge fan of RAIN since i watch Sang Doo in 2004.. Rain was soo good in it. i was suprised to know that this was his debut drama.. and after that with Full House, i'm totally hooked..
I'm a BI-er :)

Anonymous said...

i happened to watch this drama last week (out of boredom, honest!!!).. it was ok for me, cried buckets throughout. i'd rather a straightfwd ending tho...


save said...

the story was an art
the cast was great
funny & light yet very moving

my favorite quote here is..
"i try to drown my self into the river 100 of times, I try to drink poison too 100 of times and tried to cut myself 100 of times yet there are always 2 person who hold me whenever I think of that, those are Bori and Eun hwan and for that they save my life more than 900 times. For me that is love" - Sang doo

Really one of the best i've seen!
Two Thumbs up for this drama :-)

Orchid said...

@save. Ah yes, i remember that touching scene and line. Bi did so well in that!! Yeah i agree Sangdoo is one excellent drama!

wawa said...

owh i watched this drama a year ago when rain's maniac happened to me...hehehe!
great drama and i cried when i watched it.
but as usual, i hate sad ending so it kinda ruin my feeling towards this drama.

Anonymous said...

After hearing so much praise for Full House I was really disappointed after seeing it. I didn't think much of Rain as an actor. But then I stumbled onto Sangdoo and my thinking changed. He did a really good job in this drama. I wish he could have done the same in Full House- although it was a very popular series, I think his performance in Sangdoo was 10x better.

Anonymous said...

its really a GOOD drama,love it!<3

Anonymous said...

wow i still love watching this drama, in fact i have watched ths so many times here there and everywhere but i`m still marathoning watching it again... it happens that i always miss Rain`s drama.. all his dramas
he is a very verstile superstar...

Ronnie said...

never gets old <3


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