Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Hye-kyo in the Big Apple

Since Song Hye-kyo came out tops in our latest poll, here’s a juicy bit on her. The star was in New York recently for a vacation after all that gruelling promotional work for Hwang Jin Yi, her latest period flick where she played the titular character.

While in the Big Apple, the 25-year-old stayed at the home of a friend, who is studying in the city.

In a letter to her fans dated July 14, she wrote: I’ve travelled to New York alone. Indeed, a long time has passed since I last visited New York.

I really felt free and happy while travelling alone, after the shooting of Hwang Jin Yi. Of course, my stay in New York enabled me to think about what I have done well and what I have done poorly.

She ended the letter by thanking her fans for their support of her new film and posted these pictures of her trip as a “gift” to them. Aww, so sweet ;-).



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