Tuesday, 17 July 2007

MC Mong (MC몽)

Wacky MC Mong is one of South Korea's top hip hop artist. He was formerly a member of the hip hop group People Crew which debuted in 1998. He does not only sing and rap, he is also an actor and a radio DJ.

Due to his crazy and animated personality, he has been nicknamed "monkey". His albums have been known for their comedic styles and humorous music videos. Although recently, they have taken on a slightly more serious tone. This multi-talented entertainer also writes his own songs!

Name: Shin Dong-hyun (신동현)

Date of birth: September 4, 1979

Height: 180cm

Weight: 71kg

Blood type: B

Religion: Christian

180 degrees (2004)
His Story (2005)
The Way I Am (2006)

OneTwo - Ladies First (2005)
Haha - The Beautiful Rhyme Diary (2005)
Kim Tae Woo - 솔로 스페셜 : 하고싶은 말 (2006)
Brown Eyed Girls - Your Story : Track 3 - Far Awauy (2006)
Super STA - Love (2006)

Non-Stop 4 (MBC) - 2003 to 2004
Sad Love Song (MBC) - 2005
Banjun Dramas (SBS) - 2006
The Great Catsby - 2007

The Legends of the Dike (2006)

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Anonymous said...

he's so funny in 3 days and one night..
especially in the episode wherein he and the other casts are going to catch sea eels..
he doesn't have seasickness at all but is afraid to live fishes.. hahahaha!!!

syazy said...

yeah his such a funny dude!!
i really like the time when he and seunggi talk in the talk show which i don't remember the name of the talk show~
huhu.... >_<


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