Thursday, 5 July 2007

Kim Yoo-jin (김유진)/ Eugene

She’s absolutely adorable, especially in Love Truly. Have been watching the drama on 8TV even if it is dubbed in Mandarin because it’s really funny and Yoo-jin is such a doll. Her character is sweet, innocent and easy to sympathise with.

Yoo-jin a.k.a Eugene is a singer as well. She was part of a trio called S.E.S, but they went their separate ways back in 2002. Born in Seoul, the 26-year-old grew up in Guam before returning to Korea sometime during her high school years.

Name: Kim Yoo-jin/ Eugene
Date of birth:
March 3, 1981
Height: 160cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood type: A
Family: Eldest daughter, one younger sister
Religion: Christian


  • Yoga (2009)
  • That Man Book 198 Pieces/ Page 198 of His Book (2008)
  • Unstoppable Marriage (2007)



  • 810303 (2004)
  • My True Style (2003)


Tulip said...

When does it air on 8TV? I might try to watch it even if it is dubbed in Mandarin.

Liz said...

Hello Tulip,

Love Truly airs every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on 8TV.


Anonymous said...

how do you contact Eugene?I'd be grateful if anybody knows:)

Anonymous said...


Does anybody know where I can see Eugene's new movie The Man Book 198 Pieces with Lee Dong-wook

Breath Baby said...

Hi,nice to meet u all.Can i ask some question regarding Eugene?Is she already married?♥ !

czar said...

eugene kim so pretty! i hope she can have a movie project with daniel henny! (^_^) i'd love to see my idols play a lovers role. atleast a drama series or a movie.. i would love to watch it!

ocampoeoh said...

Hi! eugene kim, you are so pretty and cute. i hope u can visit philippines again and make a concert with your ses band member i wish i can see in person ......

Sarang hae yo!!!!...... =)


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