Monday, 30 July 2007

Miss Korea 2007

Design graduate Lee Ji-sun (24) was crowned the 51st Miss Korea at the Sejong Center last Friday evening.

Lee is 170cm tall and weighs 49kg. How come all Korean women seem to weigh less than 50kg no matter how tall they are? :-P

passes on the crown to Lee Ji-sun last Friday.
I still like Honey Lee...look at those dimples.

Pictures courtesy of The Chosun Ilbo.

For more pics, view Popseoul's entry!


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know all korean women no mater how tall they are want to be under 50 kg. If they are over than your considered fat. there is a lot of pressure to be really thin. Do you girls ever watch star king. There was an episode where the girl went on the show to show her talent being the fact that she had an 18 inch waist=45 cm. She only weighed in at 38 kg and i think she was around 165km tall. Being really really thin is in right now especially in korea and even more so in japan. I've been watching a lot of dramas lately form both countries and ppl even the men are getting a lot thinner. In Japan like guys who are 178 km only weigh 56kg.... It seem even for korean men they are getting thinner too and not as buff as they used to be. yeah i have to lose a lot of weight before i visit korean. and if i ever visit japan i'll have to be anorexic. there is a girl i know that teaches in Japan and she is a size 6 in the US but she said that when she shops in Tokyo she is a large. a size 6 in the us is a small...

Liz said...

Hello anonymous :-)

Good grief, appearing on a TV program to promote a super slim waist??! What is the world coming to?

Yeah, I guess the pressure to be thin is always in showbiz whether in Korea, Japan or Hollywood.

That's why you have young girls jeopardising their health to look like wafer-thin starlets.

We just wanna make a lot of noise about it so hopefully, the public won't be so obsessed about being thin.

What's that America Ferrera TV movie again? Real Women Have Curves? Yeah, Amen.

Oh and this one's for all Korean men out there who think being thin is better than being buff? Moderation is key, too buff = scary, too thin = also scary.

Oh yeah, anonymous, the sizes for Caucasian and Asian women are different, it's a fact. So I wouldn't be too upset if I were your friend. Large or long as the clothes fit and my underwear isn't showing in any shape, form or manner, it should be OK ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL, i agree with you, i tried to let her know she's okay and to just have a good time while she is there. Are women in Malaysia also under as much peer pressure to be like 100 pounds or rather just really thin? Cause it seem like you have more an American mindset about your figure. Oh yeah, thanks for the site, i find your article really interesting, especially to see korean culture in other parts of the world. Thanks again :)

Liz said...

Dear anonymous,

Thank you for your kind words about our site :) Where are you from by the way?

Well, yeah young girls here are also pressured to look like stick thin stars but I think the situation here is much more forgiving than, say, Korea?

Plastic surgery isn't common and we really love our food. With the melting pot of the many, many ethnicities in our country, the food is too good to resist.

Women here thin? Well, there is a mix, I guess. But let me just say that we hold the record for being the ASIAN nation with the most cases of heart attack, obesity, diabetes and such. I know, not a very nice record but it's a fact.

Nonetheless, there are those who strive for a healthier lifestyle. ;-)

Orchid said...

Hi Anonymous (please don't remain anonymous, and give us a name to call you by),

Glad to hear you like our site. It is very encouraging.

In Malaysia, we have noticed that there has been a growth of slimming centres of late. There are so many adverts in the papers these days, and women would pay a lot to slim down!

There is also a "gym culture" here now - where after work, people hit the luxurious gyms to shape up and socialise! So yes, Malaysians do want to improve on our looks and stay healthy. But not to the point of going for plastic surgeries. That's not the norm here.

We love our food. There are "mamak" stalls in the city which opens 24-hours! :-)

unf4me said...

Sorry for being anonymous, I was just being lazy and not setting up an account. Yeah I live in the states. I'm a korean american and live in florida.. the land of disney world. :)

Orchid said...

Thank you for introducing yourself unf4me and thanks so much for contributing with your comments on our blog!

Anonymous said...


Liz said...

Then I guess she should be referred to as "design undergraduate" instead, huh, anonymous? :)


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