Monday, 23 July 2007

Rain also sends message to quake victims

Korean stars are a compassionate bunch, aren't they? First Bae Yong-joon sent out a message to all his Japanese fans after the 6.8 tremor hit on July 16. And now, in the midst of filming Speed Racer, Bi (비), whom this blogger likes to call the Energizer Bunny, also sends out his love to the quake victims.

This, my dear friends, is his message (I've taken the liberty to make it more "reader friendly" from the original translation. I hope I didn't screw up the gist of it):

Hello, I'm Rain and I'm now in Germany filming my movie. I am enthusiastic with filming because of your encouragement and support.

I was sad to hear about the victims of the (Japan) earthquake. You guys must be having a really hard time. First you were hit by the typhoon, and then the earthquake. I began to worry. To Cloud Japan, please do your best to overcome the situation.

I hope that everybody is always cheerful and happy.

The Energizer Bunny then signed off with his smile and the words: Everybody, fight 'til the end! (여러분, 아자 아자 파이팅!)

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rainbowlove88 said...

I love Rain, yah he is always good and kind. :)


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