Thursday, 19 July 2007

Bae Yong-joon’s message to earthquake victims

Japan was hit by a 6.8 magnitude tremor on July 16 and Korean heartthrob Bae Yong-joon has sent out a message to his fans affected by the earthquake.

He wrote in his official Japanese website: “I am worried about everyone’s safety and well being after hearing about the damages in the region. I would like to send my consolation to my family members as well as those who were affected by the earthquake.”

He ended the message with “For those who had to evacuate, I hope the day when you can return home and feel safe comes soon.”


Orchid said...

That's very sweet and compassionate of him.

But in that pic, Bae looks very feminine. :-P

Liz said...

Yeah he has a pretty boy look. Pretty being the operative word here ;-).


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