Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Ranson (랑송) handbags

Here's an entry for all you fierce fashionistas and bag lovers. Keep a look out for these hot Ranson handbags from South Korea.

The name Ranson is taken after the early 20th century French painter Paul Ranson. Ranson (랑송) in Korean also means "read cheerfully". The brand offers a mix of serious functional designs and fun girly stuff. Most of it comes in faux / synthetic leather, nylon or canvas. Some of the designs have feline prints and some comes with a cat ornament. Certainly a plus for all cat lovers!

These are my picks:

Bear Printed Tote Bag
Colours: Beige, Black, Orange, Yellow, Pink Blue

Necktie Shoulder Bag
Colours: White, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange

Faux leather with top magnetic closure

Hoop Crochet Bag

Mini Cat Tote Bag

View the entire Ranson range at YesStyle.com


anne said...

i'm a bag lovers but these are fugly. eeek!

Liz said...

Hey Anne, you think so? Well, I don't mind the plain white one, but the rest...I dunnno, it could make you look ultra chic ;-)

Sometimes, one's gotta get ugly to be fashionable...much like haute couture. ;)

Marilyn said...

Just bought a green Ranson because I fell in love with it. It has the cat ornament hanging on the strap. It is beautiful and new. Wonder what it is worth.

Orchid said...

Where did you buy it Marilyn?


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