Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Tongue-ing it

Jeong Ryeo-won (정려원) sure loves sticking out her tongue. The former Chakra singer and actress, who made her acting debut in My Name is Kim Sam-soon, flashed her papillae a whole lot in these photos taken in London.


Hanbok said...

Her tongue is really short! Maybe most Koreans have short tongues like this but I saw singer Lee Ji Hye stick her tongue out once and it was more than twice as long as this. Song Hye Gyo stuck her tongue out in a macdonald's CF and she has a long tongue.

Anonymous said...

I really love her acting in "Autumn shower" , what a fantastic and dramatic movie I've ever seen. If you read this comment , may you give me your personal e-mail , I'm a fan of yours from Bangkok , Thailand ....


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