Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Kpop groups debuting in August

Watch out for these groups set to make their debut in August.

So Nyeo Shi Dae (소녀시대)

An all-girl group made up of 9 members! This, from the very same people who brought you the 13-member boyband SuJu.

S.M. Entertainment is set to unleash So Nyeo Shi Dae (which translates to The Era of the Girls) early next month. The agency used a clever gimmick to tweak interest by unveiling the members one at a time through videos that are available on the Internet. The girls gave a sneak peek performance on a TV show on July 19 in Korea.

Black Pearl

A quartet under M.Net Media, the same label as SG Wannabe, Seeya and
F.T. Island. The R&B group is made up of Cho Young-su, Kim Do-hun, Min Myoung-ki and Han Song-hu (dunno who's who, sorry). They are from ages 17-25 and their debut album contains 14 tracks.

You can show them some love at their MySpace fansite.

Apart from the above, JYP Entertainment will also be introducing a boyband. No juicy info on them yet.


Orchid said...

An influx of girl bands. I am not so interested in girl bands. :-P

Black Pearl girlies dress in all-black? The name reminds me of Pirates of the Carribbean lah...the ship is called Black Pearl right?

I wonder how JYP Entertainment's The Wonder Girls are doing...

Liz said...

The Black Pearl name thingy? I think it's just a coincidence.


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