Friday, 24 August 2007

Attack of the Metrosexuals!!!

A soldier with two months remaining of his service typically gets about W80,000 (US$1=W944) a month. That isn’t nearly enough to meet his cosmetic needs, so soldiers dig into the allowance they get from their families.” – Chosun

Whao, whao, WHAO… wait a second here. Am I reading this right? Just when I was feeling sorry for those young studs after reading Orchid’s post on compulsory military service, I see that.

Welcome to the Army, Generation Y style - where proper skincare is a part of the daily regime.

“I got worried that my skin would get rough and dark after I joined the army,” one soldier said, “If I want to meet my girlfriend during the vacation, I have to take care of my appearance.” According to the article, more and more soldiers are sporting wigs during vacation to disguise their mandatory buzz cuts.

However, to be fair, this obsession with maintaining a good appearance has become a trend for young men in general. More companies, from spas to premium canned lattes, have expanded their strategies to accommodate the growing number of male consumers. Is this to be the end of my scruffy faced testosterone oozing stud of a man? Sigh.

What do you think? Men who splurge on skincare products (and wigs) are sissy or sexy?

Thanks for the title Liz!
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Orchid said...

I do not like men with wigs! Aiyo...that is just so not nice.

Crew cut (really short hair) can be sexy. Look at Wentworth Miller in Prison Break! Ahhhhh....i rest my case. No wigs please!

Orchid said...

Oh...forgot to comment about men & skin care products. I think it's ok lar...if they want to take care of their skin. Let them. =) Less pimples, dirt & grime is a good thing.

rooster said...

Ya man, wig not sexy. It's the next thing to a toupee.

Hmm, I think if they splurge on cosmetics... sissy. Only cuz that would make me look bad! Haha

unf4me said...

asian men give a whole new meaning to metrosexual...thank god it's mostly just the guys in the city....something abt a guy with more products than me really urkes me...i hate when guys have that weird shinie look to them.. like they have been buffing their faces too much...and the wig thing is wierd...

rooster said...

Urgh, I know that look you mean unf4me. Especially on a straight guy. Big no no!

Liz said...

Yeah, Wentworth Miller...hey, is it just me or every time he appears onscreen, I feel like snogging him? And this is only in Season 1, OK.

In Season 2, I've lost the urge to snog him.

ANYWAY, back to the metrosexual piece. You're welcome Rooster (for the title), anytime!

1) I dun like men with wigs, a buzz cut can be sexy so leave it alone dudes!!! Imagine you're on a date and man-with-a-wig sneezes...and a hairy rug lands on your lap. Eww...nightmare.

2) Men with cosmetics? The normal face wash and the occasional cream and such is OK. If he starts putting on foundation and lipstick that's thicker than Rupaul's, then we have a problem.


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