Thursday, 23 August 2007

Kim Sung-su the hottie

Yay! Do I have some eye candy for all you ladies out there. I did some digging and found some juicy information on Kim Sung-su (32), the (other) hottie we all love in Full House.

  • He wasn't a good student. Loved sitting at the back of the class and picking fights.
  • He is a model turned actor; started modelling in 1996. One of the craziest things he did as a model was lose 20kg within 6-8 months on a diet!
  • After his military service he worked as a spare parts supplier for a water purifier company. He confessed that he didn't know how to relate to people and quit after 3 months - after shouting at his supervisor!
Ha ha ha, it's a good thing then that he took up acting. Cheers to lousy jobs! Without 'em, Mr. Kim would not be gracing the silver & TV screens.

Modelling for Basso, a men's clothing brand that dropped him in
early 2007. He was replaced by Eric from Shinhwa. The company
wants to target the younger market. How can 32 (and hot) be old? Silly.

Looking relaxed in white - me like :-). The longer hair makes him
look different.

'Hallelujah, I'm such a stud!'

Mr. Kim loves whipped cream. I'm thinking of other
uses for it but then this site is rated PG ;-).

He even looks good in pink!! At the press
conference for his movie Red Shoes.

Mr. Kim does a cheeky version of the
Thinking Man pose.

Oops, fashion faux pas, Mr. Kim. Didja steal Grandma's knitted tablecloth?

Another fashion faux pas! You look like
you have a garbage bag on.

Ah, ultra hotness! *Liz melts*


Orchid said...

Liz, i like the 2nd pic of Mr Kim - the one where he wears white with long hair. I can hardly recognize him in that one!

With that entry, i think Mr Kim is begging us to create a category just for him! :-)

Liz said...

Yes I agree! Let's get it on!...with the category, of course.

Orchid said...

It's ON liao...

Liz said...

Thanks Orchid...Hallelujah, he's such a stud!! :-P

kiwi_seoul said...

Loved him on Full House, oh and still love him! He just looks so sophisticated and sexy!! i hope to see more of him in the future!!

Liz said...

Totally agree with you kiwi_seoul, I'm sure a lot of people would like to see more of Mr. Kim in the future!

stephanie said...

thank you for telling us more of kim sung-su's past. So, that explains his aura.Hope he has someone special keeping him 'grounded'.Is he dating someone?or even married?

Liz said...

I read that he has a girlfriend and have been together for 11 years.


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