Thursday, 30 August 2007

Coffee Prince - the Special 18th Episode

Thanks to all who commented on What the heck is Coffee Prince? and provided reviews and links on the drama.

It sounds like a really good drama and we Malaysian's can't wait for it to be screened on our shores. Among other things, the drama deals with homosexuality. Something not common in Korean dramas. (Dying is common. Why do the heroin or hero always need to suffer from some terminal disease? Or meet with a tragic accident!) Plus it is said that the casting is superb!

Coffee Prince is so well received that i read ( they had a special 18th episode made! The drama is only 17-episodes long. The special 18th episode contains behind-the-scenes footages, NGs, etc. and it was reserved for a special broadcast.

Gong Yoo (left) and Yoon Eun-hye play leads in Coffee Prince

Have you seen the 18th episode?

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rooster said...

Hey Orchid, I suppose it's all Asian dramas in general (and Mtvs!). Must be kek sai kek sai all the time.

And I thought Chinese pantang to be around sickness and death, but the soaps are all about tragedy!

Orchid said...

"kek sai"?

Or do you mean "kek sei" in Cantonese.

"kek sai" sounds like Hokkien for trying to poop but cannot come out. :-P

rooster said...

yup, that kek sai.

Emotionally constipated!

Cmate said...

Looks like a good one...


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