Tuesday, 21 August 2007

He said what?!

Singer and radio DJ, Yoon Jong-shin (윤종신), ruffled feathers during his show, Have a Date at Two O’Clock, on South Korea’s MBC FM when he said, “Women are like sashimi. They should be fresh. Men are always looking for new women. They get tired of old girlfriends.”


According to Chosun news, Yoon’s guest on the show, Jung Ji-chan, responded with, “But if a guy dumps his old girlfriend for a fresh one, another guy might get her for fish stew (made of older fish). Then he'll envy that new guy."

To which Yoon replied, "Or he can dump an old girlfriend until she's fermented like skate (which tastes better after it's aged)."

No! Oh no!

The Singer/DJ apologized on Sunday saying that he “did it for fun” and realizes the comments were “being derisive of women.”

"I'm at a loss for more words of apology," he said, "and I learned a lot from this."

Article found here.

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Liz said...

Liz does a running body slam and pins Yoon Jong-shin a.k.a male chauvinist pig, to the floor.


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