Wednesday, 22 August 2007

An interview with Rain in Berlin

Well, well, well isn't Kim Won-gyum a lucky person? Who is s/he, you ask? Oh, just the Starnews reporter who hung out with Rain in Berlin on Aug 19 from noon until midnight.

Rain poses in front of the
Kaiser Wilhelm church in Berlin

They talked, took pictures (like the one above) and the Energizer Bunny revealed his thoughts and plans for the future.

Rain on Speed Racer

The 25-year-old is not only impressed with the production of the US$300mil budgeted flick but is also optimistic that the supporting role will open doors for him in Tinseltown. In fact, he has already received offers to star in other Hollywood productions.

For Speed Racer, which is directed by The Wachowski Brothers, Rain's 30-minute appearance was increased to about 50 minutes while filming.

Rain walked the red carpet here
(Theatre Am Potsdamer Platz) during
Berlin Film Festival earlier this year

Rain said: "The movie has extraordinary CG effects – the buildings and car races were all CG. The actors were scanned beforehand and CG was used to put the actors and backdrop together.

"While filming, there were no props but we had to pretend that everything was there and real. It felt a bit strange but I enjoyed filming."

Rain on his US plans

The Energizer Bunny will be releasing his US debut album after Speed Racer is released in June/July next year. Thus, Rain is targeting a September 2008 release for his English album so don't expect the lad to come up with a Korean album anytime soon.

Taken at a street near the hotel where
he's staying in Berlin

All his effort and energy is invested in making it big in the US. However, Rain said that success Stateside would not come instantly. "Things have to take shape gradually so I don't expect the success to come so fast. It will be a challenge."

And what if he doesn't make it in the land of the free?

"If I can't make it, then let my junior go for it. If my junior can't, then my junior's junior should get a shot. The door will open as long as we keep knocking on it, or else we could just break it down."

Rain on romance and finance

"It'd be good if I have one," the heartthrob replied when asked about a girlfriend.

He went on to say, "If she can be someone who can control me (I spank pretty good, call me ;-)), is like a sister (eww, are you kiddin me? Maybe don't call me) where we are relaxed in each other's company, a generous person, likes playing small tricks on each other...of course, it'll be good if she's pretty. Perhaps pretty and kind-hearted.

"She must be someone simple," Rain continued like he's writing an ad in the lonely heart's column. "If you have any candidate, kindly introduce to me." (chuckles)

Liz turns around and faces the swelling crowd of women behind her and screams: "Oi, take a number and get in line...and stop pushing!"

As for his finances, the young man revealed that Daddy takes care of it. The star is just content to be able to buy his family a bungalow with a garden in high class Samsong-dong, Seoul.

"To me, it's a luxurious residence," he said. "You feel good just by looking at it. However, my Dad is very satisfied and happy. He is proud of it."


Rooster said...

Any leaks on which movies Rain has been offered?

rainbowlove88 said...

Oppa, oppa, opppaaaaa!!!! I wanna be your girlfriend. Pick me-lar!

Saranghaeyo, SARANGHAEYO!!!

Orchid said...

He is in Berlin for over a month and stays in a hotel? Why not rent a bungalow or something?

Yeah what other movies will he be appearing in!

Excellent interview. Glad to hear some news of him in Berlin. Although...since he is working on his English album, that means we won't be able to get any new Korean albums in the near future? :-( I like hearing him sing in Korean. It's nice!

Orchid said...

Okay, i read about Rain's accommodation in Berlin while filming Speed Racer.

The producers provided him with the most luxurious business suite in Berlin. The suite cost 1 million won per day, and Rain will stay there for about 2 months. So his accommodation itself costs 1 hundred million won. In addition to that, Rain gets a weekly allowance of 800 thousand (won?). Transport is provided from the accommodation to filming location. Filming will not take more than 10-hours per day and weekends are free.

Rain will return to Korea on Aug 28.

Wow...that's real soon. Remember that contest where the lucky winner will get to model next to him? I wonder who won!


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