Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Jammin’ to the top

Member of reggae duo Stony Skunk, SKULL (a.k.a Cho Sung-jin), recently hit top 5 on the U.S. Billboards with his single Boom Di Boom Di. Old news for most of you… but I just really wanted to talk about his dreadlocks. Man, those are some really natty dreads! Love ‘em lovely locks, Skull!

Reggae with a hint of kimchi.

Let me explain my sudden fascination. I wanted dreadlocks, but after some research on how to get dreads, I found out they actually needed time, devotion and effort. Forget that! It’s like having hair as a pet.

As for his single, Boom Di Boom Di, it hits my head boppin’ bone and a sure tune to liven up beach parties right ‘til Summer’s end, but I can’t tell if it’s sung in Korean or English. Ah well, who can make sense out of reggae these days anyway?


Liz said...

His hair looks scary, like tahi (Bahasa Malaysia, umm, faeces).

Rooster said...

Or it looks like something a cat would cough up.

Orchid said... looks like he's got sausages for hair!


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