Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Kim Tae-hee (김태희)

In a land where plastic beauties are everywhere, Kim Tae-hee is one of the rare gems. The natural beauty started out as a model before venturing into acting in 1998.

The public only started to take notice of her in 2002 when she appeared in the TV sitcom, Let's Go. However, she became a star the following year after playing the nasty stepsister in drama Stairway to Heaven, which starred Kwon Sang-woo and Choi Ji-woo.

Her popularity increased when she starred opposite Kim Rae-won in the drama Love Story in Harvard (2004).

The 27-year-old then made her movie debut in 2006 with The Restless, which unfortunately flopped. The latest news on her is that she's working on a TV drama entitled Angel.

Name: Kim Tae-hee/ Kim Tae-hui
Nickname: Angel
Date of birth: March 29, 1980
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood type: O
Family: Parents, older sister & younger brother (actor Lee Wan)
Education: Seoul National University - Fashion Design graduate


  • Quarrel (2007)
  • The Restless (2006)
  • New Citizen (2002, short indie film)
  • Last Present (2001, cameo)

TV dramas:

  • IRIS (2009)
  • Love Story in Harvard (2004)
  • Nine Tailed Fox (2004)
  • Stairway to Heaven (2003)
  • A Problem at My Younger Brother's House (2003)
  • Screen (2003)
  • Let's Go (2002, sitcom)
  • Mr. Q (1998)


Ni-Choon said...

She's one of my least favourite Korean actress. The first time I saw her was in Stairway to Heaven when she played the part of the bit*hy sister. I guess that role didn't give me a very good first impression of her, and till now it's not improving.

Liz said...

Heya ni-choon :-)

Wow, she must be some actress! You even dislike her in other shows!!??

I have yet to watch Stairway to Heaven :-( Don't have the time to watch the series which is currently playing on Astro. Bummer.

ni-choon said...

I caught glimpses of her in Love Story in Harvard and her trying to speak English is painful to my ears and that also didn't impress me much... Oh no... her fans are going attack me with hate messages... haha...

Liz said...

Don't worry ni-choon, we practice freedom of speech here - as long as there are no extremely nasty cuss words and calling people nasty names.

I'll protect you :-P

Anonymous said...

Yeah. she needs to work on her acting, but is pretty cute.

Liz said...

I'm watching her performance in Stairway to Heaven and yeah, she's such a bitch in the show.

But then again, she's going DOWN right? Don't tell me, I'm only half-way through, but a person with such a deceitful heart should die a most horrible death.

Off with her head!!!

Liz said...

Kim Tae-hee isn't such a good actress, is she?

How come she has only, like, one type of expression in Stairway to Heaven? The wide-eyed, furious look.

Anonymous said...

why doesn't it say that she went to the prestigious seoul national university?

Liz said...

Apologies Anonymous. I thought that was nothing to shout about.

But i have rectified it.

Anonymous said...

She's my fav, u shud have seen her commercial and photos, so pretty. I used to hate all the actress acting as bad character cos their face really unlikeable. But Tae Hee is different. She's e only special one tat u wun hate her becos of tat role in STH.

Stranger in Love said...

I hope she can see my feelings.

Although I am an Indian but previously I only liked Chinese dramas but after Love story in Harvard and her acting, I think Korean dramas are the most romantic dramas in the world. Indian dramas are nothing. NO offense.

It is true feeling. She is so pure like angle. She’s really really gorgeous. She is really angle. Love story in Harvard is the most romantic & touching drama I have ever seen. When I saw her first time in Love story in Harvard, I fall in love but the main tragedy is I am married now. If I have seen Love story in Harvard in 2003 then definitely I would have found her or Korean girl like her and would have married her. Her acting is so real. I always think of her.

Now I see Love story in Harvard trailer every day because of her.

Good luck to her that she will find her better half. Poor me.

byakuya said...

yeah...maybe she isn't that good in acting, but i think she's improving in a way..

kellynguyen81 said...

i dont really like her even though she is realy pretty. she is not a good actress. she cant act. song hye kyo is the best. she can act and she is the prettiest and she is all natural. song hye kyo all the way

kellynguyen81 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
billy laureles said...

she's so beautyfull $
super cute

Anonymous said...

She's okay, but not as pretty as Lee Da Hae & Choi Ji Woo who are also good actresses. LDH & CJW are both very tall women. Love them both.

me said...

she's one of the prettiest. a lot prettier than lee da hae. but yeah, she can't act so well. but still, she is one of the genius actress. she is famous with her brain. maybe acting wasn't her thing, but something more intellectual for her.

Anonymous said...

she's a real beauty and brainy as well!! Luv her

Anonymous said...

kim tae hee is very pretty girl, very beautiful...

Anonymous said...

OMG... Kim Tae Hee is a very good actress. well, in my opinion, she is. she's becoming more and more popular. she's very cute also. she's doing a lot of commercials... and the top 10 hottest korean actresses. you guys are so negative!!!

eunice said...

kim tae hee is the most beautiful woman i've ever seen in my life. for those who keep on telling that she is nothing.. i advise them to watch the "forbidden love". She isn't just pretty but a kind-hearted person too...
That's all....

Samantha said...

hi im samantha

I'm a big fan of kim tae hee and i do really hate people that attacks guys are such an asshole!!!
If you guys doesn't like her maybe because you know that she is too far to reach or your envious with her pretty face so don't leave msgs. that can hurt Kim tae hee's fans.I know it's bad to say this but you guys especially you ni-choon who ever you are your such a fucking asshole!!!!!!!!or a fucking slut if your a lady.

Kwon Yuri said...

Kim Tae Hee's eyes were menacing in that series Stairway to Heaven


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